Fall 2020 EDITION
Jerry Avorn, MD | NaRCAD
"The artificiality and forced intimacy of a screen-to-screen encounter, and the reason we currently have to do our work like this, can also focus us even more on another key aspect of academic detailing, empathy." Read More

Debra Rowett, BPharm, Adv Prac Pharm, FPS | Drug and Therapeutics Information Service
"We live in an information-dense era and much of the information is synthesized and aggregated at the population-level, but clinicians are responsible for decisions at the individual patient level." Read More

Debra Rowett, BPharm, Adv Prac Pharm, FPS | Drug and Therapeutics Information Service
 "At the heart of our program is service, and we build our program to emphasize that." Read More

Julie Anne Bell, MPH | New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
"We worked as a team to create a step-by-step guidebook that includes our key messages, how to do a needs assessment, and how to address barriers that we expect might come up." Read More

Tara Hensle | University of Illinois - Chicago, School of Pharmacy and Illinois ADVANCE
"There are all sorts of external pressures right now to keep our project on track, but the most important part is keeping the human aspect in check." Read More

Kelsey Bolton | Gundersen Health System
"I practiced my detailing sessions with these stakeholders before going out in the field. It was an easy way to build relationships and get them on board – it only took a 15-minute practice detailing session!" Read More

Marlys LeBras, PharmD | RxFiles
"We want the team to be successful in moving towards our goals together. Another thing that COVID brought to my attention is that a strong detailing team also has a positive attitude." Read More

Mary Liz Doyle Tadduni, PhD, MBA, MSN, RN | Independent Drug Information Service
"While you need to communicate your key messages, if you aren’t doing a proper needs assessment, you aren’t operating under the guidelines of academic detailing, which is all about listening and being interested in how someone is practicing." Read More

We recently completed an AD techniques pilot virtual training. We're working on scaling up and providing virtual training opportunities to future detailers in early 2021. Stay tuned for more information and announcements about our trainings.

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