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Thanksgiving, a time to say thanks. Though we say it often, may it never become routine. Nakushukru ee Mungu wangu (I am grateful to my God) and His many blessings on my life.

I am grateful for the privilege to be a missionary ...probably the best life I could have ever hoped for.

I am grateful for each one of you, who pray for Sandy and I, and your financial support that allows us to serve the Lord Jesus all over the world. No, I can't say it too often, NAKUSHUKURU.
It was a wonderful, though exhausting, three week teaching in Kenya. I love teaching missions and especially to those who might one day be missionaries and pastors who will support their own in cross-cultural service. This batch of students in my class at the Africa Theological Seminary , were from all over Kenya and Uganda.
Makutano Baptist Church Choir
Of course it is always a treat for me to speak at the first church we established over 40 years ago. Great fun and, in my opinion the best Kenyan music in the country.