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Lama Sumati Marut

All unhappiness in the world comes from wishing
myself to be happy.


All happiness in the world comes from wishing others to be happy.




Master Shantideva


thai devi

     This Spring at Prajna we're growing bigger, stronger hearts with classes centered around compassion and it's fullest expression~ bodhichitta~ the determination to reach enlightenment for all!  The lineage gurus of the Tibetan tradition offer practical mental and yogic techniques to effect real change in our self, our loved ones and in our world!
      Also new, we've added classes at "off peak" hours to bring more teachers into the fold and honor those who serve others in this way!  So those of you who have always wanted to try Tibetan Heart Yoga, here's your chance!  We welcome you with open arms! (please see bottom of the page for more specific information about location, etc.)
Philosophy classes 
Buddha with attendentsACI 7: Vows of the Bodhisattva
This course is a formal offering for credit by the Asian Classics Institute but may be audited at any time.  Those aspiring to take Bodhisattva vows or fulfill Tibetan Heart Yoga teacher training requirement for Series 3 need to take and complete all materials for this course.  Drop-ins welcome.

Mondays and Wednesdays 10am-12pm  Feb 14- Mar 30

Introduction to Buddhist Debate 
Buddhists use debate as a tool for getting to the deeper meaning of teachings they have heard that don't quite make sense or seem to be contradictory to them.  It's not the only way to get at wisdom, but for an analytical mind it is unsurpassed in what it offers.  And it's fun!
Wednesdays  6-8pm
Yoga classes
garuda and naga  Yin Inner Fire                                    
   This gentle modification of Tibetan Heart Yoga
   Series 3 awakens the power of creation/
   manifestation centered in the svadhisthana
   chakra.  Hip and inner leg openers combine with a
   beautiful, expansive inner body meditation for
   actualizing our highest potential!  Guided by
   Cassandra deLarios.
   Mondays 5:30- 7pm                                     
Heart Chakra Yoga 
Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 1 utilizes transformational Tonglen meditation and gentle asana to open and expand the heart.  Each class includes mantra, meditation and pranayama.  This all-levels practice is led by Cassandra or Tibetan Heart Yoga teachers in training.
Tuesdays 3-4pm               Thursdays 1-2pm
Advanced Tibetan Heart Yoga   
For yogis comfortable with lotus and headstand or getting close, we will explore the more advanced Tibetan Heart Yoga Series.  This month's focus is the Guru Bliss Series~ series 5, in honor of all the wonderful teachers in our lives!  Get ready to go beyond your limits and let your heart soar!  Led by Cassandra deLarios.
Tuesdays 1-3pm                 Thursdays 6-8pm
Weekend workshops

Texas Yoga Conference

THY with Cassandra deLarios and Kelly Roadhouse

University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX

February 25-27


Join us in Houston for a weekend of showcasing Texas yoga talent and a Friday night concert with MC Yogi!


more info and registration at:


Upcoming Retreats

Yoga Sutras I Retreat 

with Kelly Roadhouse and Cassandra deLarios

Casa de Luz in  Austin, TX

April 21-24, 2011 (Thurs- Sun)

$250 if registered by April 7,2011


This 20-hour certification course covers the first chapter of Master Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Samadhi Pada, and fulfils the philosophy requirement for Tibetan Heart Yoga Series One

teaching certification .  This four day, philosophy rich course includes Sanskrit study, meditation and yoga.


more info and register at: 


Summer Retreat in Massachusetts-

Freedom from What to What?

with Lama Sumati Marut, Cindy Lee  

Lindsay Crouse and Rick Blue

The Governor's Academy, Byfield, Mass

August 16- August 21, 2011 (Tues- Sun)

$685, includes room and meals


This Buddhist retreat includes daily meditation, yoga and is partially silent.  The area is gorgeous- a great place to get out of the late summer heat and the event is generally very layed back, entertaining and relaxing!


info and register at:


Classics of Yoga Retreat

with Lama Sumati Marut, Cindy Lee  

and Yoga Studies Institute Staff

Camp Galilee, South Lake Tahoe

August 26- Sept 4, 2011 (Fri- Sun)

$1590 to $2550 if registered before July 1st


Major classical yoga texts are the main focus of this intensive retreat, including YSI's Bhagavad Gita II and a new translation and commentary of the Yoga Upanishads by Lama Sumati Marut.  Also taught are classes in Sanskrit, asana and meditation.  An unbelievable amount of information and practice for the time and price (which includes lodging and food), this retreat offers accreditation and is attended by teachers and students from all traditions! 


info and register at:


Stay warm and we hope to see you soon!
Mahaksukha (great happiness),

 is located near Fair Park in Dallas, TX.  The gate opens 30 minutes before class, entrance is at the back of the building.  During the day parking is available on the street and the pedestrian gate is open, during the evening you may park inside as space allows.  All philosophy classes are free and yoga classes are by donation.  Workshop prices vary as listed above.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Call ahead for directions or more information.
Prajna Dallas     825 South Trunk Ave       Dallas, TX 75210      214-924-4217