The 72 Names

The 72 Names come from 3 verses - Exodus Chapter 14 Verses 19 - 21.
The Zohar tells how to form these 3 verses into 2 sets of 3 letter sequences.

72 Names by the Tzadikim
These Names are utilized as meditative tools and Kavenah when saying the Shema Israel Prayer.
Find Your Name and Your Personal 72 Names Chart

If you can not find your Name send an email to requesting your Personal Name and Chart. We recognize that there are many ways to allocate these Names.

Teshuvah reminder and metaphor for many aspects
of our mistakes:

The Torah teaches that we are responsible for the deaths in the city of Chicago. We

did not pull the triggers yet we also did not reveal sufficient Light so that people who

pulled the triggers would know their responsibility to not pull the triggers.

Please add this to your list of items to do Teshuvah!