We have named our new Anti-Aging Serum w/Ceramides

With over 100 suggestions this was truly difficult! We put them all on our white board and everyone voted at the end of each day. Thank you all for participating in our contest. We should do this more often like we did back on the forum (seems so long ago).

2 people suggested Garden of Youth
1 person suggested Eternal Elixir

We're putting the names together and calling it Eternal Youth Elixir!

The 3 people that helped name this will be receiving a 1 oz size of this product.

The winners are -
Brieanna Smeltz
Marie Hassell
Tracey Parrish

Coming soon...
Powerhouse Antioxidant Mask
NEW hydrosol - Tarragon
Chia Seed Oil
Bluegrass Essential Oil
French Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender Recovery Gel

This product is so popular, that we now offer a 4 oz size :) 

So often we sit in a circle at GoW offering thoughts, ideas, ingredients on the
market, to each other. Many times a product comes to one of us or several
of us at once. From there a sample is born. If the ingredients make sense,
are available and we feel will actually work when applied, we will
add it to our  sample program. This Lavender Recovery Gel just made
sense to us. We hope you enjoy our efforts to bring this
lavender healing recovery gel to you.

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