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November 29, 2017

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The last white rhino on Earth
The last northern white rhino. Photo by Luke Reavley
Hard Times: the loss of animals that will never again walk this Earth
Radical Joy: our capacity to remember and honor them
We often hear grim statistics about the numbers of animal species that are likely become extinct as climate change, deforestation, hunting, and pollution wreak havoc on their lives and their habitats. Some scientists say that 30-50% of species could disappear by the middle of the 21st century.
Let us for a moment elevate general statistics to very specific lives. These are a few of the animal species that became extinct in 2016:

Northern White Rhino
Javan Rhino
Hawksbill Turtle
Vaquitas Porpoise
Hawaiian Monk Seal
Blue-throated Macaw
Hawaiian Crow
Kakapo Parrot
November 30 is Remembrance Day for Lost Species, a day to learn about, mourn, and honor the animals and plants that have become extinct. Alone or with friends, let us take a moment to remember these beings we will miss, even though we might never have encountered them personally. Let us look up information about their lives. Let us make a picture of them, do a dance for them, sing a song for them. If they can't live in the world, they can live in us.
And to become part of an ongoing practice to honor the beings we're losing, see the beautiful work of Extinction witness.
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