Spring 2019
Issue No. 23

"Motherhood: Powered by love. Fueled by coffee. Sustained by wine." - author unknown

Each year this spring edition of our newsletter has us reflecting on moms, and their influence on our love of the kitchen. This year is no exception. Pictured in an article below is a classic old school recipe box, filled with dog-eared, food-stained 3" by 5" index cards. Some moms typed theirs, some hand-wrote, most had some of her cursive handwritten notes in the margin. Every kitchen had one - our grandmothers did, our friends moms. We even had a childhood version started of our own.

You Nan Fan's love food like we do, so take a moment to celebrate the person(s) who started you on the great cooking adventure.
Mo t h e r ' s D a y is May 12th!

We have it on good authority that mom's love gourmet food. We also firmly believe food makes great gifts. Everyone pretty much has the material stuff we need, and if we don't? We go buy it. But gourmet goodness?
Bella Vita Gift Tote - Beige

We suggest you treat mom to some goodies this year. Our humble gourmet store on-the-web offers several specials and a few mix & match opportunities where you can custom-create the perfect gift for mom.

One of our 2019 offerings is a lovely customizable gift tote, which you have the option of filling - like they say at Burger King - 'your way'!

There are two tote colors to choose from - green or beige. Here are the prices and your options:
Check out our 'mom page' here to find the right gift from you.
Our Tasty Grill Sauces:
Not New... But Improved!

Quietly over the last couple years we have been making subtle important changes to our Grill Sauces. It started when we introduced our Caribbean Rum in 2014. It was our first to be 'Gluten-Free' and 'No High Fructose Corn Syrup' - both significant for health reasons.

From there it was a matter of cleaning up our existing sauces, and assuring new additions followed suit. Each old recipe was revamped, the HFCS removed and good old cane sugar used instead. Certain ingredients were changed to certify the products Gluten-Free.  

The result is healthier, tastier sauces. You may not notice the difference, but we think the sauces have a clean fresher taste.

A note: Our Honey Ginger Teriyaki has always been HFCS free, but we have been unable to get the formula right to make it Gluten-Free. It is our best selling sauce, so we have opted to keep its current flavor profile and not risk a drastic change to its taste. It is our only sauce NOT Gluten-Free.

Finally, our last sauce to be revamped is our Chipotle - it will reappear on our shelves soon, and better than ever. We have added a major new ingredient... here is a hint: it is THE wine to serve with steak. You'll be tasting it at our shows soon!
An Inspiration & Resource!

Do you know the #1 question we get asked? "What can I use (insert product name here) for?" We love to answer with our favorite suggestions, but did you know Nan has a repository with nearly one hundred recipes and serving suggestions at your fingertips?

If you haven't been to our Recipe Blog, please let us introduce you! Back in 2003 Nan started developing recipes with our products specifically to help our customers. Over time, we developed new ones, and have even added recipes you provide us! The last thing we want is for you all to put your purchase in your pantry and forget about it! Best case they collect dust - worst case is they lose flavor (oils)!
Even if you have your own favorite recipes, you may want to take a peek - if for no other reason than inspiration. Our recently added recipes are listed first. On the right side of the blog is a list - the name of our product along with a link to the recipes for that product. Further down is a chronological list of when recipes were added, an d finally there is list of our most popular recipes.

Our Recipe Blog has been online since 2012 & has been visited 82,000 times! Perhaps it is your turn!
A last mom note - anyone had this classic offered to them? "You're not sugar. You won't melt!"

Take Care & Happy Cooking!
Nan & Brad 
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April 26, 27, 28
Napa-Solano Home & Garden Show
- Napa

April 26, 27, 28 
- Fresno 

April 27
Lincoln Wine Fest
- Lincoln

April 28
Kelseyville Olive Festival
- Kelseyville

May 4, 5
Saratoga Rotary Art Show
- Saratoga

May 11, 12
Reno River Festival
- Reno, NV

May 11, 12
Downtown Alameda Spring Festival
- Alameda

May 18, 19
Wine Country Street Fest
- Livermore

May 18, 19
Boogie on the Avenue
- Campbell

May 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
Bishop Mule Days
- Bishop

May 26, 27
San Ramon Art & Wine Festival
- San Ramon

June 1, 2
Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival
- Sunnyvale

June 1, 2
Castroville Artichoke Festival
- Monterey

June 1, 2
Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival
- Walnut Creek

June 1, 2
Monterey Wine Festival
- Monterey
June 8, 9
Festival of Art, Wine & Music
- Novato
June 15, 16
- Martinez 

June 22, 23
Danville Summerfest
- Danville

July 4, 5, 6, 7
Mammoth Celebrates the Arts
- Mammoth Lakes

July 7
Petaluma's Art & Garden Festival
- Petaluma

July 13, 14
Los Altos Art & Wine Festival
- Los Altos

July 20, 21
Graeagle Arts & Crafts Fair
- Graeagle

July 27, 28
Twain Harte Arts & Wine Festival
- Twain Harte

July 27, 28
Downtown Alameda Art & Wine
- Alameda

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This list is current as of our April publication date.

Additions & cancellations occur, so be sure to check our website for the most accurate information. You will find our show list here. 

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