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Dear Residents,

2016 has been successful from both an operational and financial perspective.

The executive team and the sub committees have given significant personal time and effort to manage the estate and a huge thanks to their ongoing contributions.

Our financial position is sound and funds are increasing to a sustainable level.

The treasurer provided the narrative to 2016 performance and 2017 budget at the 2016 AGM.

The recent AGM    held a good presentation and balanced discussion of    a proposed NBN tower.   M ore details below..

Significant discussions were also held concerning the grape harvesting for 2017 and the progress with Landcare. Also see reports below.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very safe and happy 2017. Please take care when driving.

May 2017 be prosperous and your plans fulfilled.
Kind Regards
Paul Wilson
Chair - Nangarin Vineyard Estate 

2017 Vineyard Harvest

As agreed to at the 2016 AGM, Southern Highlands Wines are going to undertake a harvest of the Nangarin Vineyard this season. This is at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the residents.  The harvest has been sub contracted to SHW who will make all commercial decisions regarding the processing, marketing and distribution of the wine. As many of you would know, the Chardonnay market has been stagnant for many years and this will be the first Nangarin harvest since 2006 when it was last undertaken by Bradcorp and processed by Vicarys winery (now closed due to the Badgers creek airport).  Whilst the vineyard has produced up to one hundred ton previously, SHW are only expecting to harvest about twenty five ton from the main vineyard this year.  

2003, 4, 5 and 6 Vintages
This is a long term proposal to test the market and evaluate the future potential of the wine.  Whilst the agreement will see a 5% net profit returned to Nangarin, it is recognised this may not  be realised for several years whilst the wine market is explored.  Residents will be provided a further update at the 2017 AGM.

The harvesting is scheduled for the week commencing 20 February 2017, so it is likely you will see increased activity through the vineyard.  The exact time/days for the harvest will be determined by the weather and the result of final testing of the grapes to determine the sugar and acid levels.  For these reasons it is not possible to say exactly when the harvest will occur, however your understanding of the increased activity is appreciated.




For the last twelve months we have been working with NBNCo in order to introduce high speed  Internet into the estate. Currently the spectrum of Internet speeds varies from poor to nonexistent with the current ADSL technology. Without high speed Internet the residents are doomed to technology backwaters especially in the booming areas of education, lifestyle and health. A high-end health application can even save your life. High speed Internet is becoming as important as basic infrastructure such as electricity, gas and emergency services.
NBNCo offered us a fixed line wireless pole solution initially giving every resident 25/5Mbps speeds and upgradeable to 50/20Mbps and beyond. Currently residents have speeds varying from zero to around 6/1Mbps maximum. This was voted down at an AGM in November 2015 and again at an EGM in June 2016. For the resolution to be passed, the NSW Strata Act required 100% support. With about 300 residents and 115 households 100% support would be a challenge and at each meeting a few residents voted against the resolution. Their concerns were health and safety, appearance of a 40m pole, location of a service road and possibly others. Unfortunately the environment within the estate did not allow us to meet with residents who are against the NBN, to explore common ground opportunities.

Since the July EGM we (a NBN sub-committee) have been working with a Federal minister and NBNCo in an attempt to find a solution that would eliminate these concerns.

NBNCo and the minister have worked with us in an attempt to find an affordable solution for over 12 months. 

We were able to make this situation very clear to NBNCo and given this, plus the size of the estate, together with ministerial intervention we were successful in getting NBNCo to research other options and they have committed to explore a another option of providing high speed Internet to the estate probably in late 2017 without the need for a Strata vote.

A decision and possible schedule will not be available until early 2017 and no other details are known yet. The good news is that we should have fast Internet sometime soon without the need to further alienate fellow residents. This is a win-win for everyone. As soon as a timetable becomes available, we will share it with the EC and the whole community.
If anyone still has issues concerning NBN technologies or related impacts please don't hesitate in talking with any three of us or emailing us on given that the format at meetings can be confronting. 


Since the formation of the Nangarin Landcare Group in April 2016 and cessation of work on 10th December 2016, considerable progress was made in removing Lantana from the section of the east-west nature corridor running beside The Grange.

The progress map below shows that in the 7 days of planned work (total of 110 volunteer hours) the Nangarin team members have removed Lantana from more than half of our assigned area, required under our Grant Agreement with GSLLS.

We were very pleased to note the removal of Lantana from the backyards of properties adjoining the nature corridor and welcome this cooperation in our attempts to control this invasive weed.

Work ceased over the hotter months and the team will reconvene on the first Saturday in March (4/3/2017) commencing at 9:00 AM.

Peter Ridgeway from Local Land Services has kindly agreed to attend on this day to meet the team, discuss our project and answer any questions residents have on weed management. All residents are welcome to attend and hear more detail about the Nangarin Project and the support provided by Greater Sydney Local Land Services. Meeting point is the 'picnic table' opposite 47 The Grange. (For more information contact Reg 0419969192)

As previously reported, the Nangarin Estate is recipient of a sizeable Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GSLLS) Round 3 Grant for weed management in our east-west nature corridor.  

GSLLS have finalized the transfer of Grant funds into the Simply Strata 'Nangarin' account.

Grant funds are to provide for engagement of a professional 'Bushcare' Contractor to remove specified weeds from the eastern area of the nature corridor (outlined in red on the progress map) as well as assist with communicating bush care activities to the broader Nangarin Community.

Three of the Nangarin Group met with Julie Sheppard from Razorback Landcare to discuss their experiences with various Contractors. This research is in preparation for drafting tender documents to engage a Contractor for weed removal in the eastern zone of our bush corridor. The tender specification will be completed by the end of February. 
Since the last report we are pleased to welcome two new members to the Nangarin Landcare team and sadly we are losing two of our original team with their move from the estate. Our team remains at 10 members.

I would like to acknowledge the great work of our group of residents who are actively committed to maintaining this special bushland environment for the benefit of all residents.
The Nangarin Landcare Group would welcome the involvement of other residents to assist either occasionally or on a regular basis. We generally meet on the first Saturday of the month and each session is maximum 3 hours which includes a morning tea break. All tools are provided as well as advice on best practice techniques.

Reg Collins  8/2/2017

If you are interested in helping please complete the  following form

Community Fire Unit

Despite the very hot conditions with numerous 'Total Fire Ban' days, we are pleased that Nangarin Community Fire Unit (CFU) has not had to respond to any fire situations within the estate.

Residents are reminded of the various resources available from the RFS to assist in preparation for fire seasons and in particular the need for all residents to develop a Bush Fire Survival Plan.

CFU members have been active with a range of tasks to ensure Nangarin fire fighting facilities are maintained at a high standard. Petrol pumps located at key locations have been serviced and tested. All pumps have been upgraded with the addition of two extra valves on the 25mm outlets for more efficient control of multiple hoses.

One of the 38mm suction hoses was upgraded by the addition of a Storz fitting to allow drafting of water directly from the bottom of water tanks (that have a compatible fitting).
There are 50 street hydrants within the estate, all of which have been inspected, cleared and tested .
Ant nests in hydrants have also been treated.CFU trailer was taken to the WSC Workshop on 16/1/17 for its annual inspection and service. CFU members also have responsibility for the 'Fire Danger Rating' advisory sign at the entrance to the estate. This sign is changed regularly as advice is received from the RFS.

Four CFU members participated in property protection work associated with a Hazard Reduction Burn conducted by Lakesland RFS. This provided excellent training both in asset protection techniques and coordination with RFS teams at a fire scene.

Pile burns were conducted on the Nangarin Estate on 19-20/11/16 to remove the build up of dead trees gathered from community land around the estate. We are indebted to the Lakesland RFS for their assistance in managing the burn over the two days. A special thanks to our CFU members who assisted with the burn as well as supporting the overnight supervision roster to ensure the fire remained contained.

Glenn Allerton  8/2/17

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