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Dear Residents,

This is the first  newsletter  for  the year  and yes it has been a while since the last one.  May last year in fact !   In the meantime the website continues to be updated to provide both accurate and relevant  information  to  owners, residents and prospective buyers.   Minutes of EC meetings, copies of which are posted on the noticeboard or available electronically via Simply Strata's website or by subscribing via the Nangarin  website  inform  owners  of   what is going on within the Estate and how their  levies are being spent.   


This edition  unfortunately  again raises  the problem of  drivers exceeding the 50km speed limit within the estate, and owners of dogs not keeping  their  animals on a leash when outside the backyard.  Safety  is a responsibility for everyone to take seriously.


The Executive Committee has  endeavoured  to work with the Strata Managers to keep Nangarin Vineyard Estate running smoothly and within or under budget.  With almost half the annual budget dedicated to the  Sewerage  Treatment  Plant, and a responsibility to operate the plant within Government and EPA  guidelines, it  is not surprising that the majority of the EC's attention has been  focused  on fixing  problems that arose within the system, swiftly and effectively. 




The end of  another  year  is approaching.  What happened to 2014 ?  Before the calendar gets ridiculously overbooked  with  parties,  school concerts,  end-of-year award ceremonies and get togethers with families, it is hoped  you can join your neighbours  at the  AGM at 11:00am and the Annual  Christmas Party   at 2:00pm.  The  Jumping Castle  is always a hit with the children, so too  the fairy floss and slushy machine.  It is a great opportunity to meet and talk to that neighbour who you wave or nod to as they drive by, but don't actually know.  Some long -time residents have sold and left the estate and newcomers   will hopefully be given a warm welcome over a cold drink and a hot sausage sandwich.   If you missed the r.s.v.p. deadline just bring your own snags and join us.

For other issues such as suggestions for improvements, new projects, website issues or to express your interest in assisting the committee, please contact

Stop Press: This month a resident reported a snake bite from a red belly black snake that required hospitalisation. The patient has recovered but it is a timely warning  to take care when in your yard.

50Km Speed Limit




Nangarin Vineyard Estate 

Our Estate

Our Community 

Our Safety 

With the increasing number of children riding pushbikes, and walkers using the estate roads, we wish to remind all residents that the estate speed limit is 50km per hour. 


A number of wallabies have been hit on the section of The Vintage closest to Barkers Lodge Road. We especially ask you to be vigilant of your speed on the crests and bends. 

Please ensure, for added safety, you and your visitors park their vehicles on the correct side of the road 


Thanking you for your co-operation. 







Dog Control
In recent months the estate community has experienced increasing rates of complaints related to dogs not correctly controlled. We need to ensure that our community is a safe environment for all, especially our children.

The Community Management Statement defines the Keeping of Animals in section 33 and your attention is drawn to paragraphs 33.4.1 to 33.4.7.


33.4.1  Cats must be kept inside house at all times and not allowed outside on any part of the Community Parcel


33.4.2  Dogs may only be kept on a lot if they are housed within a dog-proof area.


33.4.3. Dog-proof areas are permitted only behind the main building on any Lot.


33.4.4  You will comply with any additional rules which the Community Association may make from time to time regarding the keeping of animals on Lots or on Community Property.


33.4.5  If requested by the Community Association on reasonable grounds you must promptly remove any animal from your Lot or the Community Property. You must clean up all excrement and other damage or refuse caused or left upon the Community Property by your animal.


33.4.6  All animals must be contained wholly within your own Lot and when taken upon Community Property any dog must be on a leash.


33.4.7  You must comply with all Council and other statutory requirements in relation to animals and the keeping of them.


We seek your cooperation to ensure dogs are correctly housed, in a dog proof area.



There are NO-OFF lead areas within the estate.


The control of dogs is a council issue and the Wollondilly Council Contact numbers are:-

  •   Office hours - 4677 1144

  •   Outside office hours - 4677 1100

  •   Depending upon seriousness of the event last resort would be Police Assistance Line: 131444


    Thankyou for your assistance in making our community a safe environment. 



Anyone for A Game Of Tennis?



Our community tennis court is routinely maintained by a specialist company.  The  tufted synthetic carpet  surface is cleaned and topped up with a particular grade of sand kept at the correct depth  to  keep  the  fibres  upright.  This ensures the best playing  surface.  


Bikes and scooters etc are not allowed on the tennis court as they can cause damage.  


Everyone's co-operation is  appreciated.











Website Updates



Over the last few weeks I have made quite a few updates to the website. This includes additions and edits to the "new residents" sections. I have also added more photographs during the year, mainly of Nangarin scenery and wildlife, including a magnificent Bluetongue lizard who visited us during the week.


I have also added a section on our broadband infrastructure which some of you might find informative.


I encourage anyone living in Nangarin to send me photos or interesting articles or information you would like to share with the rest of our community. I hope after the AGM we will be in a position to send out our newsletter on a much more regular basis which will contain both informative contentment as well as human interest stuff.



The Web Guy

PS Enjoy the photo of our visiting Bluetongue lizard and watch out for him and his mates around the estate. Supposedly they help take care of our resident snakes.










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