Nanotech Energy’s new 517-acre campus near Reno, is being described as the most significant economic development win for the region since Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Nanotech Energy is developing cutting-edge non-flammable energy storage solutions for the electric and portable electronics markets. This technology is based on the wonder material graphene that is established as the thinnest, strongest, and most conductive material.
Graphene manufacturer Nanotech Energy is expanding its operations into the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center with plans to create more than 1,000 jobs.

Of the more-than 1,000 jobs planned, “a significant number” will be engineering and research positions.
The Nanotech Energy campus will span more than 1 million square feet and include multiple buildings.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh, CEO of Nanotech Energy credited the speed of permitting and approvals in Nevada and Storey County for its decision to pick the industrial park.

“Let’s put it this way. We made a deal for electrical access here and it was completed in a matter of days,” Kavanaugh said. “We had to deal with electrical elsewhere and we’re now 19 months into it.”
Driving Nanotech Energy’s expansion is the company’s graphene-based nanotechnology. Nanotech’s graphene technology holds several advantages over traditional battery designs, including higher capacity and faster recharging capability, according to Kavanaugh.

“We’ve already developed groundbreaking energy storage using technology that has the high capacity of a battery and the power performance of supercapacitors in a single solution,” Kavanaugh said.

One advantage of Nanotech’s technology is sturdiness and safety, Kavanaugh added. Unlike typical batteries, you can puncture Nanotech’s graphene batteries with a nail and it won’t catch fire or explode, according to Kavanaugh. The battery will also continue to work, he added.
Founded in 2014 by Dr. Jack Kavanaugh and noted UCLA scientists Dr. Richard Kaner and Dr. Maher El-Kady, Nanotech Energy is headquartered in Los Angeles.

“The expansion of Nanotech Energy to Northern Nevada is a potential game-changer that aligns closely with our energy and economic development initiatives, bringing a significant number of high paying, engineering jobs to our community,” said Mike Kazmierski, President and CEO of EDAWN.

“The future of generations to come depends on technological advances that harness renewable energy and implementation in products that have the potential to impact and benefit countless aspects of our lives. Nanotech Energy is leading this charge and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to Nevada. A special thanks to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for supporting this project.”