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Budgeting is a key piece of any program planning effort, especially when working with grant-making organizations. For Nantahala Health Foundation, it is important for our mission objectives and sustainability that we invest our limited resources in programs clearly designed to make positive impacts on the social determinants of health in our region.

For our service-provider partners, project budgeting supports your work at each stage of its development, from calculating how much funding to request, to reporting measurable milestones along the way, to concluding your project and closing out your grant award responsibilities. 

Nantahala Health Foundation’s newly released budgeting resource is far from the only budgeting tool available. However, we believe this simplified, easy-to-use design is best suited to illustrate your project’s financial picture at each stage, including your work to estimate revenue and expenses prior to project launch; actual results achieved mid-way through your work; and your final fiscal picture when your project is complete.

With a level playing field in mind, we ask that all grant applicants utilize this resource beginning with our CHIP grant cycle later this year.

If you feel your organization would benefit from budgeting support, please let us know. Service provider capacity building of this kind is one of our goals because:

When You are Successful, our Entire Region Benefits.
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Do you think about language choices like this when applying for grants? When it comes to putting pen to paper to explain to a potential funder your organization's efforts, the right words are vital to ensure they thoroughly understand the need you have identified in your community, your plan to address this need, and the outcomes you anticipate. Nantahala Health Foundation is here to help. Use the link below to learn more about our grant writing and review services.
For many nonprofits, especially smaller and medium-sized groups, board engagement is an evergreen challenge. Especially during these uncertain times, your nonprofit needs a board that can be counted on to support your work in the community.

Network for Good* hosted a webinar recently devoted to best practices around engaging board members throughout their board lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to board meetings and committee service. We think you'll enjoy the information they've provided and consider it an hour well-spent.

After this webinar, you will walk away with tools to help you:
  • Use the recruitment and onboarding process to start your board members on a path of engagement
  • Know what elements to include in meeting agendas to keep your board members actively participating
  • Structure committees that drive and enhance board engagement
*Network for Good provides many services to nonprofits, including a fundraising software platform for a fee. Our sharing of this webinar should not be viewed as an endorsement of this company's products. We just think your organization may benefit from the material provided.
Our Partners Making Progress:
Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital
When it became clear that COVID-19 access restrictions mandated for healthcare facilities would require 24/7 staffing at their Emergency Department screening stations, Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital's leadership applied for a Nantahala Health Foundation NIMble grant for funds to purchase and install infrared kiosks.

The kiosks allowed clinical departments to deploy staff to areas of more critical need. The hospital staff is hopeful, too, that this project will have a positive impact on their Emergency Department's quality metrics, considering the kiosks' ease of use and quicker screening times.

"We are thrilled to have these kiosks and are so grateful to Nantahala Foundation for their support," said Kara Perez, grant writer at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital in Murphy. "They have truly saved us time and sanity by eliminating the need to post our nurses at these temperature stations."

She went on to say, "We love them so much that we actually trying to find more funding to purchase three additional kiosks for use at our other clinics. They have been well received by our patients and are very user-friendly."
Our Partners Making Progress:
Swain County Health Department
swain County NIMble 2020
In response to COVID-19's devastating impact on local fundraising, the Swain County Health Department sought grant funds from NHF to support its In-Home Aide and Chore Program. This effort provides assistance to seniors with personal care, patient care, and basic household tasks, including preparing nutritious meals.

In years past, the program has relied on the generosity of local donors to pay for everyday essentials, including groceries, pharmacy expenses, and utility bills. But COVID severely limited both the department's ability to request funds and the community's ability to give.

NHF grant funds were used to purchase grocery and household items for 27 program clients, thus reducing their anxiety and stress levels during these uncertain times and promoting their overall health and well-being.
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