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Many were able to be a part of the NAASF Annual Franchisee Conference this week and our attendees were able to soak up information and best practices (and some Naples sun!) too. But of course, not everyone was able to be here, so we want to share some of the event highlights with you, below. Our staff is happy to fill in more detail on the topics listed below for you:

NAASF Board Meeting, Multi-Unit Owner Summit
The Board held its fall meeting on October 3, covering a variety of topics and issues. Also that afternoon, NAASF hosted a Multi-unit Owner Summit moderated by JoAnn Bachewicz, which featured discussion on many topics including the catch weight of proteins, antitrust claims on behalf of the franchisees (chicken, third party delivery), and the newly-announced marketing mandate that has begun and its implications. The group also discussed the UberEats One program and its comparison to UberEats.  This 2-hour session featured a stop-in by NAASF General Counsel Ron Gardner as well, who provided a variety of updates to that group.
The NAASF Conference was really a unique event – I heard clear and relevant information to help me run my investment, and it was an incredible opportunity to get reacquainted with folks and meet other owners to share thoughts and gain ideas on our restaurants and ways we manage them to maximize their success!
~ MUO from Virginia
NAASF Welcomes Attendees to Naples!
That evening, the NAASF Welcome Reception was attended by all Conference attendees, presenters, and vendor supporters. 

Owners and NAASF supporting partners alike enjoyed the specially-curated appetizers and was able to get reacquainted, meet owners they didn’t know before and enjoy the casual atmosphere outside on the terrace overlooking the hotel pools.
Annual Franchisee Conference
The next morning, the Annual Franchisee Conference kicked off! Executive Director Illya Berecz welcomed the group to Naples and introduced the NAASF Board; she recognized the many NAASF partners who would be featured throughout the event, as well. 

Chairman Bill Mathis shared with the attendees the work that NAASF had undertaken this year, and our vision of priorities as we look forward. Bill spoke of NAASF’s charge to protect franchisees’ investment, advocacy for the franchisee community, NAASF’s role as problem solver and advocate for Subway franchisees, the importance of franchisee education via events and webinars, and about legislative advocacy. He emphasized the importance of clear communication and collaboration within the system.

IPC President Kirsten Michulka and IPC Chief Legal Officer Rochelle Trafton were up next, providing an in-depth update on IPC initiatives and updates. Kirsten shared a food cost outlook and trends, unsliced protein having inconsistent weights, supply and service of slicers, BuyerQuest, a new applicant tracking system, and their request for data for the new membership form. Chief Legal Officer Rochelle Trafton covered policy updates, the IPC Board composition and the antitrust update.

J. Hagood Tighe, from labor law firm Fisher & Phillips, shared information and the latest news that owners need to know to avoid creating liability in this area. Hagood spoke about proposed changes to the FLSA exemption status, wage and hour issues facing franchisees including the fact that you can deduct the credit card fees from the tip portion for your staff (the suggestion was to use the lowest percentage across the board), the importance of handbooks and policies, and issues to watch for in 2024 (non-compete agreements, ADA accommodation “tester” legalities and more).

The pre-luncheon session was of particular note, and featured InitiativeOne’s Dr. Fred Johnson, whose presentation, Thriving on Overload, focused on ways for owners to lead in today’s fast-paced environment. His message about embracing—and even growing—within an ever-changing environment resonated with attendees, who listened and participated as “Dr. Fred” provided pivotal tools to use to manage these situations. Dr. Fred also spoke to the managers who attended the special Managers’ session to discuss their challenges and talk through solutions.

OwlOps, a new partner to NAASF and one that has many owners buzzing, talked about how their platform and how it helps an in-store team get organized and stay accountable. 
NAASF Legal/Business Update
A franchisee-only segment after lunch featured NAASF’s General Counsel, who shared information on many topics, including but not limited to the impending change of company ownership, takeaways from a review of the newly-updated IPC bylaws, a remodel extension solution/tool, the Visa/MasterCard (“Interchange”) credit card class action and NAASF’s involvement in this on behalf of Subway franchisees, and other updates. Ron answered attendees’ questions on a variety of topics.
As a 36-year Subway veteran I have witnessed many changes in the system. It was very refreshing to have a meeting focused on franchisee profitability. Great job NAASF!

~ John Boike, MUO from Tennessee
Franchisee Town Hall
After a break, a Franchisee Town Hall allowed owners to ask questions of the NAASF Board and Staff, NAASF General Counsel, and the IPC representatives as well. Owners were able to pose questions of these folks for over an hour. A positive exchange of information took place, with clarity provided to those asking questions of the representatives. 
Picture Perfect Dinner Cruise
After brief closing remarks by NAASF’s Chairman and Executive Director, attendees were given a bit of time to relax before traveling to the dock in Naples, where the Naples Princess ship departed from, for that evening’s dinner cruise! The cruise was attended by many who enjoyed the picture-perfect evening and delicious fare for a few hours up the Intercoastal Waterway and out into the Gulf. As the ship returned to shore that evening, the attendees were able to look back on a day well spent!

So many were reticent to leave the gorgeous resort property and balmy weather but talked about looking forward to the next NAASF event on February 26th at Las Vegas’ Venetian Resort!  
Our Valued Partners
A very special thank you to our many partners who helped to make the event possible!
NAASF's 2024 Annual Meeting will be held on February 26, 2024 at The Venetian Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas (this is immediately prior to the Subway Convention, so be sure to mark your calendar!).

We'll be sharing our agenda and details for this event very soon and registration will be open shortly.

We look forward to seeing everyone then!
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