March 25, 2017
The Board of Directors has "many irons in the fire" as we prepare for our 2017 spring, summer and fall visitors. We hope that we can count you among those who join us at the Centre this year!
Summer Registration In Full Swing
Photo: Keri Wehlander
Have you had a chance to register for programs and accommodations for the upcoming season? We encourage you to book soon, as advertising to local areas - Naramata, Okanagan Valley and wider circles will begin in April. Some programs have limited enrolment (such as children's programs and others) and are filling. Please share this news with your congregation.

Help make 2017 a resounding success:
Share our program calendars with 5 friends! 

Join us in promoting a successful spring, summer and fall - and the future of the Centre! You can help by sharing our    program calendars   with five friends. Or, go one step further and invite them to join you at the Centre. Board member Jenne Newman did just that when she  inspired five new families to discover the Centre last year! 

Summer Manager Gwen Dell'Anno
We are pleased to welcome Gwen Dell'Anno, our 2017 Summer Manager. Gwen brings a wealth of experience from previous employment at a number of camp/conference/ retreat centres in a variety of roles. She joins Naramata Centre from April 1 - November 1.  Welcome aboard, Gwen! 
Assistant Manager Fara Enquist
We are also happy to welcome Fara Enquist as our new Assistant Manager. Fara has comprehensive experience in the tourism industry, in both Vancouver and the Okanagan. She has managed a boutique hotel, a lakeside resort, and several small businesses. Fara will be at the Centre from
April 15 - October 15.  Welcome, Fara!
Campground Hosts Camp For Free
Would you like to camp free at Naramata Centre this spring, summer or fall? Check out the    Campground Host position description  to see  if this is a fit for you! The first three weeks of July  a nd first three weeks of August are now covered, but other time slots are still available. 

Swap Volunteer Hours for $ Off Accommodation Fees
Each week up to three accommodation spaces will be available for those who would like to work in exchange for reduced accommodation rates. Rates will be reduced by up to 50% for two adults staying in the same unit, each working 15 hours for a total of 30 hours.  Volunteers work 9-12 noon or 1-4 p.m., Monday to Friday, and must be able to do physical work such as raking, weeding, laundry or other tasks. Email   if you are interested in exploring this option.

Hearts and Hands Volunteer Service Event May 5 - 13
The Board of Directors is very grateful for the ongoing support of our many volunteers. We hope that once again you will join us as we open and prepare the Centre for our program seasons. May is a beautiful time to spend a week in the Okanagan. We invite you to join us on Friday, May 5th as we prepare rooms for folks attending the AGM.
Attend the AGM on May 6, then stay for the week to help us revitalize the site for our spring, summer and fall participants. We specifically need some folks to help prepare the pottery room for programs this summer. If you are familiar with this task, please come and help us! Summer Manager Gwen Dell'Anno will organize and oversee the Hearts and Hands service week tasks.
Register here for the Hearts and Hands event.

Board Matters
Seeking an under-30, Alberta-based board member

Naramata Centre serves both BC and Alberta. Our society bylaws require that we have at least two board members who are under 30 years of age when they are appointed to the Board. We currently have two such members from BC, who are continuing on the board, and we are recruiting another from Alberta. If you are passionate about Naramata Centre and its future, and if you would like to assist the Board with your technical expertise in social media, volunteer management or business, we want YOU! Email us at

Annual General Meeting
The AGM will be held May 6th at Naramata Centre. Members who attend the AGM will receive a full briefing about our revised business plan and the results of our discussion with BC Conference. We encourage you to attend this meeting !
Members who joined the Society by February 5th are able to speak and vote at the AGM; members who joined since then are able to speak at the meeting. Proxy voting will be possible this year. A member may cast his/her own vote, and also cast a proxy vote for one other person. The AGM package, which will include details about proxy voting, will be sent to members two weeks prior to the AGM.
Stay tuned for information about booking accommodations for the AGM weekend.  

Expressions of Gratitude
BC Conference of the United Church
The Naramata Centre Society Board is very grateful to BC Conference for their continued financial support. Without it, the Centre would not be operating today. We continue to work toward debt repayment and our new business plan supports this goal.  
Jae Planidin
Jae played an instrumental role in informing you about our 2017 programs. His innovative Programs @ a Glance digital calendar, color coded to show child, youth, adult and intergenerational programs, provides an easy way to scan the information. (Jae had "in-house" guidance from his pa rtner, Program Committee Co-Chair Jenne Newman). Thank you, Jae!
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Hearts and Hands
Support the Centre with your physical efforts, and receive in return gifts of community fellowship, spiritual nurture, and the satisfaction of giving back.

Naramata Centre Ambassadors
Thanks to all who have offered to keep their congregations up to date on what is happening at the Centre. If you would like share Centre  news with your church, please email:

Want to support the ongoing work of the Naramata Centre Society? Donations are always appreciated, and donors will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year. 

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