Naramata Centre Society Board Update
Your Naramata Centre Society Board of Directors met January 27-29 in Calgary, where we were graciously hosted by Wild Rose United Church. Our thanks to Terry Malkinson, a board member and a lifelong member of Wild Rose United, for organizing the visit.  We also thank the team at Wild Rose for including us in the Sunday service and for inviting us to join their congregational potluck lunch after the service.

Saturday evening, we hosted a gathering for people from Calgary, and provided them with an update on what we are doing at the Centre. We also invited their comments and hopes for the Centre.

Part of our board meeting was spent refining and approving our Vision, Mission and Theological Statement. See the board-approved statements below:

Welcoming community: where people of all generations are valued for who they are .

Inspiring individual and collective transformation in a safe, inclusive, sacred space.
Theological Statement
We acknowledge and affirm our roots and connection to the United Church of Canada. Our Christian story gives us language and metaphor to share our stories, and is one path to deeper relationship with ourselves, one another and God. We encourage conversations and experiences that challenge us to explore questions about our beliefs and how we live in the world. We value diverse spiritual expression that nurtures all people, those who are trusting, doubting, seeking and knowing.

Business Plan
We have revised our business plan and approved it, in principle, at the board meeting. We are now completing final edits to the plan for review and discussion with BC Conference in early March. We expect to be able to share the business plan with society members prior to our annual general meeting (AGM).

The AGM will be held May 6, 2017 at Naramata Centre. Following the meeting, our Spring Hearts and Hands volunteer service week starts and runs until May 13. Please come for the AGM and stay for Hearts and Hands!

This year, members who are unable to travel to the AGM may cast their vote via proxy. A member who is absent may delegate another member, who is at the meeting, to vote on his or her behalf. Memberships expire annually after the AGM. Have you renewed your membership since the June 2016 AGM? To be able to vote at the AGM, members must have bought their membership at least three months prior to the meeting. So, if you have not already done so, please buy your membership by February 5, 2017.

Now Hiring
We are hiring a summer manager, among other positions, to help us operate the Centre this summer. The job description and details are located here. If you are interested, please consider this opportunity or share it with someone you think suitable.  We will also be hiring an assistant manager and summer students. Watch for those postings!

Spring, Summer, Fall Programs
We are excited about our spring, summer and fall program offerings! We had a terrific response to our call for program proposals. The board is thrilled with the comprehensive work being done by the Program Committee under the leadership of co-chairs Jenne Newman and Barb Hatfield.

We are currently building the program calendar outlining complete details on the website. We expect to publish it within two weeks, and expect to open registration two weeks later.

We know that many of you are excited to register for programs and accommodations at Naramata Centre. So, while everything is coming together behind the scenes, we want to give you a heads-up about what you can look forward to this summer. Watch for an email in the next few days with a flyer - Programs @ a glance - that will give you a brief outline of programs, so you can begin to save the dates and plan your summer.

In line with our new policy, it is not necessary to take a program when you stay at the Centre this year.

Look for the program calendar and pick your week to come to the Centre this spring, summer or fall! We look forward to seeing you there!

Doug Woollard
Chair, Naramata Centre Society Board of Directors
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