Naramata Centre Society Board Update
2017 is a pivotal year
2017 is a pivotal year in the life of Naramata Centre.  Our long-term success depends on your support - whether through your participation at the Centre, your financial support or your encouragement to carry on in challenging times.
When Naramata Centre opened last summer after a two-year closure, the folks who returned expressed their profound gratitude for the Centre and the place it holds in their hearts . The Board of Directors felt grateful that our efforts to sustain the Centre were validated by the 1,100 people from Alberta and BC who returned to this inclusive, welcoming place.
Naramata Centre has a long history; next year the Centre will mark its 70th anniversary. In her book the edge of the centre, author Mary Trainor writes, "Naramata Centre has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people, and many hold it dear. ... The experiences shared ... testify to the deep affection the Centre garners and to the gratitude felt" for this place.
For the Centre to continue, we must have your participation, support and encouragement!
Support by attending programs
We are building on the success of last summer with a robust list of programs for Spring, Summer and Fall 2017. This year, as in past summers, we have offerings in music, the arts, spiritual nurture, health and well-being. There are options for children, youth, adults, elders. Register for programs and accommodations today!
The old adage says, "if you build it, they will come."
  • The Board Program Committee has built a great program list and calendar. They invite you to participate in a program of your choice.
  • The Staffing and Volunteer sub-group has advertised for and retained a summer manager, and is recruiting volunteer campground hosts to support your stay at the Centre this summer.
  • The communications team is doing their best to spread the word about our programs and activities - help us by inviting your friends and family to come to the Centre!
Show your support for the Centre by returning to this place of spiritual nurture and renewal this year. Your participation actively demonstrates the importance of the Centre to you and your family!
Come back to your Centre...You belong here!
Naramata Centre Business Plan
Over the last eight months, after many in-depth, soul-searching discussions we have completely revised the Naramata Centre business plan. Last week, Board Chair Doug Woollard, Vice-Chair Pam Rinehart and Treasurer Barb Gregg presented the plan to the BC Conference Finance Committee. This was followed by a thorough discussion of all aspects of the plan.
We are grateful for the ongoing support of BC Conference of the United Church. One of their key considerations in continuing their support is that people demonstrate their value for the Centre by attending our programs and coming to stay at the Centre. 
Members who attend the AGM will receive a full briefing about the revised plan and the results of our discussion with BC Conference. The AGM will be held May 6th at Naramata Centre. We encourage you to attend this meeting! 
We take our roles on the Board very seriously in this labor of love to sustain the Centre for generations to come. We need your participation to make that a reality!
If you have already registered to come this year - Thank You!  If you came to the Centre in 2016 please register again for this year. If you have not attended the Centre since the closure, now is the time to return!

Doug Woollard
Chair, Naramata Centre Society Board of Directors
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