May 2019
Debbie Dadey's 127th newsletter
I decided to try to make turning 60 as fun as possible. I will celebrate at the Knoxville Children's Reading Festival on May 18th by giving away 60 cupcakes, I'm in the process of giving away 60 books, and I'm also giving away (one) 60 minutes of Skype or a personal visit. Read below if you're interested in winning that 60 minutes or a book.
To win a book for your favorite kid or kids, let me know something special about them. To win a personal visit or Skype (depending on distance), say something nice about my books on Twitter or Facebook (and tag me).
Earth Day
Author for Earth Day event!
I was able to celebrate Earth Day with an eastern TN school. Tusculum View Elementary chose for me to donate to The Humane Society of the United States as my Author for Earth Day contribution. The students learned about five different Earth Day causes and even started their own donation box to their local humane society.
Wouldn't it be neat to live here?
This apartment building received an amazing face-lift with the artist painting the residents' favorite books. The tough part would have been choosing one! I am dreaming of one with my books! Photo credit: janisdeman
Click above for a narwhal summer reading brochure, complete with activities and a log. For more, narwhal and mermaid fun, click here for a narwhal party pack !
Hope you'll join me June 6th at 1:00 Eastern for my next Facebook Live on tension. Check out my other Facebook Live videos on writing here.

I had great fun at Marie Curie school in Amsterdam, NY. Not every school has teachers that will dress as fairies!
I never dreamed that I'd one day have 168 books to my name! I have been so blessed. Marcia Thornton Jones and I put together a book that has everything that we wish we'd known when we first started writing. The Ultimate Guide to Writing for Children is available now.