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Lenten Prayer Chain - get "linked in for Lent"

Dear families,

The season of Lenten began yesterday with the Ash Wednesday Lenten Craft Fair. C rafts were chosen to teach children about this season of preparation and prayer. We planted tiny brown seeds that will sprout into lovely green herbs in the coming weeks. We constructed prayer chains to guide our evening prayers through these 40 days. We rolled and baked soft pretzels to remind us of the Lenten focus on prayer (the pretzel shape was created to mimic arms folded in prayer). We made birdseed wreathes to feed the birds during these snowy, winter days. If you missed the event and would like some of these resources for home, please be let me know. We also have several varieties of Lenten devotionals available this Sunday in the Assembly Room. Stop by the table and check out the options.

We also hope you, as parents, will become "linked in for Lent."  To support that goal, Adult Education will begin at 9:30 AM (rather than 9:15) during Lent. Come here Shane Berg teach on the passages from Luke that Pastor Dave is preaching and the Small Groups are discussing. 

Finally, Sunday, March 17 is Youth Sunday. There is no regular church school at 9:30 so children can be present for this youth-led, music-filled service. We will offer a Bible story and craft time in room 07 for age 2-grade one. Older children are also welcome to join as "helpers," if inclined (especially if parents want to attend Adult Education).

in shared ministry,

P.S. Summer dates to save...
Vacation Bible School and PresbyCamp
June 24-27, 2019
Registration opens in two weeks.
Take Home Questions

March 10
Jesus in the Wilderness Luke 4: 1-13)
1. What did Jesus have to decide in this story?
2. Who helps you remember that God is always with you and cares for you?

March 17 - Youth Sunday
The good Samaritan ( Luke 10: 25-37 )
1. When have you helped someone in need?
2. What can make it difficult to help others?
Late Night Movie Night
Club 3-4-5 
Friday, March 15
5:30 - 7:30 PM
Two rounds of Club 3-4-5 left for this year (!).
All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders welcome.
Bring friends!

Remaining Club 3-4-5 dates: Friday, March 15 and Friday, April 26.
Come join the circle
All-Church Retreat
Memorial Day Weekend
Friday, May 24 - Sunday, May 26, 2019
Church family vacation. Save the date. Don't miss out!

NorthBay  is located 2 hours south on I 95 on the northern tip of the Chesapeake Bay, just over the Maryland state line.
  • Retreat begins with dinner on Friday, May 24, and ends after lunch on Sunday, May 26. Families are also welcome to stay at NorthBay through Sunday afternoon and continue to enjoy facilities and setting.
  • Group headquarters will be the Guest House, a waterfront lodge with 11 private bedroom/bath combos, a large kitchen, living room, plus a private beach(!) Bunk rooms adjacent to the guest house are available for additional sleeping space.
  • Dr. Christy Lang Hearlson, Professor of Practical Theology at Villanova  University, will return to lead the weekend.

Registration deadline - Monday, May 6

Questions?  Email or call me (609-924-0103 ext. 108). Scholarships are available.

Lenten Craft Fair pictures
Music Notes from Ingrid 
"Mass of the Children" Rehearsal February 23, 2019
Congratulations to the many who contributed to our beautiful Mass of the Children Choral Service on  March 2! 
Our community is so deeply blessed by each one of you.  See below for the Prayers of the Children offered at this service.  Well done all!

Youth Sunday, March 17
Our Middle School Choir and Cantorei will lead all music for both services. 

Choir 3-4-5 sings March 24, 9:15 am

Carol Choir sings March 31, 9:15 am

Dear Lord,
We pray this evening for endangered animals, our pets at home, and to have no more animal abuse in our world.
We pray for each other: for our friends, families, parents and neighbors.
We pray for less pollution and a healthy earth.
We pray for people to rejoice more and worry less.
We pray for no more human trafficking and for homeless people around the world.
We pray for everyone in our church, and for everyone here this evening.
We pray that you God will reassure us during our storms and comfort us when we really need it.
We ask you to help us remember how to be your children and to do our part to help make our world full of your love.
In your name we pray, Amen.

With gratitude for our church family,