July 3, 2020
Sunday Summer Fellowship #1: Tailgate Picnic, July 5, 7-8pm
Pack a pizza or bring take-out, circle the cars, stay 18' apart, and chat up your neighbor- in person! Masks, good health, and clean hands req'd. Participation is totally optional.

Just A Wide Circle of Cars (and Fellowship)! Meet you at Duck Pond Park, West Windsor - Back Parking Lot ( Google Map )
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  • Save the Date - Sr. Send Off
  • Summer 2020 Schedule
  • Small Groups
  • Chancel Drama Week goes Virtual


Seniors, Congratulations! We Love You!
Hopefully we can have Senior Send-Off in-person? Perhaps we’ll be playing “Guess The Masked Senior”? Maybe it will be in somebody’s back yard? Put it on your calendar. We’ve got the greatest seniors we’ve ever had this year. They deserve something non-virtual.

Save the Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 6-8pm, location TBD
Summer 2020
Mark your calendars. Below is a list of “As You Like” Gatherings for Sundays in July & August. All gatherings are purely optional, will uphold COVID protocols of clean hands, no contact, masks, and 6+feet of spacing. Stay tuned for precise location details, schedule changes, and updates.
Summer Sundays:
  • July 12: Ice Cream, Far and Wide, Location: TBD
  • July 19: Bike, Hike, or Run at 6-Mile Run, Griggstown
  • July 26: Hike at Haycock Mtn, PA
  • August 2: River Splash at Highrocks State Park/Tohickon Creek, PA
  • August 5 - Wednesday Senior Send-Off, 6-8pm
  • August 9: Stay tuned
  • August 16: Stay tuned
  • August 21 - Help Needed: Loaves & Fishes drop off (details to come)
  • August 23: Stay tuned   
Small Groups
Small Groups return for an innovation summer session. These new offerings are led by a wonderful new batch congregation members. There are groups for all ages and stages plus a few especially for children and youth ( high schoolers - check out the Animated Films group! ) and parents.

Spots are limited! Sign up today by following the link below.

Questions? Contac t Corrie Berg.
Music Notes

Table for Five...Thousand!
The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
We'll meet via ZOOM, likely 2 hours per day, and will include:

Singing AND/OR Speaking roles
Bible Study
Music/Line study (No memorization required)
Group recordings made either via zoom or individual videos
Opportunities to support Mission work
Rising Grades 3 - 12, everyone is cast

We will share our Chancel Drama via video in Worship, August 23!


609-924-0103, x105