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It's Father's Day and we're going on a hike! Bring your Dad or Father Figure; bring a hat; wear sturdy shoes; don't forget your water bottles! 
 - Mark   
PS - meet us there at 2:00PM! 
Summer Chaperone Training (age 18+)
  • we have so many kids going on trips, including many first-timers (66 kids total); 
  • we have so many chaperones going on trips, including many first-timers (29  chaps total);
  • we have done well in the past (5x A.S.P, 5x Beyond, 3x NorthBay trips, 1x Camino. Since '14: 275 individual trips taken!);
  • we want to keep this trend happening for the 95 people adventuring this summer...

Sunday June 16th -11:15-12:00 (NPC, 3rd Floor - part of the Vacation Bible School training session)