Cybersecurity Skills Journal
The National CyberWatch Center presents its next Virtual Brown Bag Lunch webcast, Cybersecurity Skills Journal Virtual Paper Development Workshop, Sept. 11, 1-3 p.m., ET. Dr. David H. Tobey, managing editor of Cybersecurity Skills Journal: Practice and Research, will guide this session for prospective authors. Participants will present ideas for or draft a manuscript reporting evidence-based practices, theoretical frameworks or case studies of skilled application or instruction of cybersecurity tactics, techniques and procedures.

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Applied Cybersecurity Essentials Bootcamp
Gain critical cybersecurity skills to accelerate your IT career through a new National CyberWatch partnered 10-week online program - Applied Cybersecurity Essentials (ACE) Bootcamp. With millions of unfilled cybersecurity positions and the rise in cybercrime, this program will prepare participants to face ongoing threats. They will also earn a report detailing strengths and weaknesses across a range of competencies, as well as a voucher to take a CompTIA certification exam to become a certified cybersecurity professional.

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Webinar On a Career in Cybersecurity
Join Teresa Merklin, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, for an hour-long webinar on “Pivoting to a Career in Cybersecurity,” Sept. 12, 2 p.m., ET. She will discuss career pivots for women who are contemplating or transitioning, as well as anyone who may make career changes in the future. She also will describe general steps and keys to successful career pivots.

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Cyber Intelligence Seminars
The Institute of World Politics is expanding its Cyber Intelligence Initiative through five one-day seminars from September through May. The goal is to teach business and government executives how to use intelligence tools and cyber capabilities to protect their organizations proactively. The seminars include Cyberspace and Cyber Intelligence; Insider Threats and Cyber Analysis; Cyber Statecraft and Counterintelligence Cyber Technology; Cyber Critical Infrastructure and Legal Constraints on Cyber Operations; and Artificial Intelligence and Threat Intelligence. Register for individual seminars or take all five for a 20% discount and certification in Cyber Intelligence.

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Open Office Hours
The fall semester is upon us! Are your students ready to live their best cybersecurity selves? We want them to show up fully and lead their days with mega success! Encourage them to join Gustavo Hinojosa, executive director, and Dr. Vitaly Ford, chapter development director, as they host a National Cybersecurity Student Association Open Office Hour event on September 17th at 8 p.m. ET. This is their opportunity to discuss anything that is on their minds about being a cybersecurity student!

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2019 CAE Virtual Career Fair
 This year, the Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cybersecurity Community is hosting their third annual CAE Virtual Career Fair (VCF), sponsored by CyberWatch West (CWW) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), on Sept. 27, from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. PT. This virtual career fair is unique in they invite students/alumni from 270+ institutions designated as a CAE to participate. Students/alumni from CAE designated institutions are extremely valuable to any organization as they must meet the rigorous curriculum requirements set forth by the NSA/DHS in order to graduate.

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Why National Cyber League (NCL)? 
We all know the drill…in class your students are given the perfect scenario with a perfect formula to fix the problem perfectly. Let your students step out of that controlled classroom and enter a virtual cybersecurity scenario that mimics the real world filled with quick-witted hackers! NCL gives them the chance to problem solve, think quickly, and learn what it takes to make it in the cutthroat cybersecurity world. NCL provides them with real-life experiences and workforce expertise. Not only does NCL look great on resumes but also is a fantastic conversation starter during interviews and provides the “workforce experience” most employers in the cybersecurity field seek.

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Improve Employability Skills
Employability skills, such as written communication and problem solving, feature prominently in the top 10 attributes employers are seeking in new graduates. The Necessary Skills Now Network is dedicated to facilitating collaboration between educators and employers to improve the employability skills of entry-level technicians in STEM fields. Resources include a practice community with networking activities, instructional resources and professional development opportunities.

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