Meet Tyler Snyder !
In the summer of 2012, Tyler was hired as a lot attendant at the Target in North Brunswick. Tyler is a hard worker and a valued member of the Target team. In his role as a lot attendant, Tyler is responsible for collecting and restocking the carts, collecting the trash, and restocking products that are returned to the store. Tyler loves his job and enjoys working with both customers and staff. Tyler likes the freedom of working outdoors and is always willing to assist new cart attendants. Tyler is assisted by a Project Hire job coach. Interested in supported employment? Contact Project Hire Director Adam Kubler at 732-246-7605 or
President Proclaims October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month
"During National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we recognize the achievements of Americans with disabilities whose contributions in the workforce help ensure the strength of our Nation. We also renew our commitment to creating an environment of opportunity for all Americans and educating people about disability employment issues...On average, in 2018, more than 5.6 million men and women with disabilities have been employed each month, which is on pace to be the highest annual level ever recorded. Earlier this year, the unemployment rate for Americans with disabilities reached the lowest rate ever recorded. These are positive indicators, and ones that continue to highlight the incredible value that individuals with disabilities offer to the workforce."

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