Such an unpleasant week, on the US political front. For the purposes of political distraction, the Democrats have cynically thrown women under the bus. I feel that the Women's Movement has been set back by decades. Who in their right mind now wants to hire young women after the insidious spectacle of the past week? Why would the Democrats, who are supposed to be the champions of women's rights have torpedoed the prospects of young women by constructing them as ticking time bombs, ready to explode into litanies of specious character-assassinating felony sex harassment claims?

As a life-long Democrat who is now reformed, I've been telling friends for a while that the Republicans couldn't have done a better job of destroying the Democrat Party if they'd tried but if one studies the situation, one sees that the complete lack of self-awareness on the part of Democrats is not the result of a vast Right Wing conspiracy. Their corruption is so profound that it's led to a psychotic break from reality. This insanity has propagated via Fake News and mass hysteria within the Left-leaning populace. The Democrats are now having a moment that is their equivalent of the sputtering delusionality observed in Neocons, which had made them so loathesome 20 years ago.

Many subscribers have written in, correctly identifying the destructive garbage swirling around the Kavanaugh appointment as a political distraction and are rightly asking, "Distraction from what?" What is this Kabuki theater really about?

There's Kabuki happening on both sides. On the Left, it's to buy time and to gum up the works of their own inexorable demise. On the MAGA side, it's to avoid overnight economic collapse and blood in the streets.

Here's where it gets crazy and where all of the nightmares of the Never-Trumpers come true: Trump will likely declare Martial Law.

There you go. There's the vaunted Fascism of Trump, at last. "Draining the Swamp" will require Martial Law.

Nobody wants it but we have a government populated by such corrupt criminals that it has finally come to this. Will Democrats really be so sad to see the likes of Clinton, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, Brennan, Strzok, Schiff, etc., prosecuted for their crimes? Or will they replay the 2011 death of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, when tens of thousands of North Koreans engaged in organized public displays of crying, screaming and howling when their "Dear Leader" died, not unlike how many Democrats reacted to the news of Hillary's loss in the 2016 Presidential Election?

As Mike Adams points out, it is not only people from the Government who have committed Felony and Capital crimes but also members of the Fake News media, like the publishers of the New York Times , The Washington Post and exponents of the dinosaur cable news echo chambers of CNN, MSNBC et al. and let's not forget the Tech Giants, who have committed massive election fraud, with their conspiracy and racketeering crimes to overthrow the elected US Government and with their coordinated mass de-platforming of alternative media publishers that support the President, in order to steal the Mid-Term Elections.

I was on the phone for much of the past week with my friend who is retired from military intelligence, who confirmed the broad strokes of Mike Adams' report, here: Trump (i.e., the military faction that supports him and opposes the Globalists) needs to have another Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court, in order to approve a declaration of Martial Law and to approve military tribunals to try several members of the US Government, past and present on charges of Sedition and/or Treason.

I've been told that, should such a declaration be made, Trump will resign and go back to living his life. He will have succeeded at his job, plus he's sick of all the hate and the assassination attempts. Pence will take over, which is what the Democrats have apparently been fighting for since the day Trump was elected, as there is no contortion of the law that would install Hillary, no matter how delusional they may be. Pence is a Baby Neocon and as the new President, he may have a palliative effect on a disenfranchised Establishment.

As the current US President, Trump has the right to declare Martial Law whenever he wants but in the same way that he's held off from firing Robert Mueller and point-blank declassifying the FISA memos that would implicate Federal officials in Capital Crimes, he's been striving for a smooth transition into Martial Law, by means of Federal proceedings rather than by diktat , hoping to avert complete social and financial catastrophe.

If Kavanaugh gets in, many high-level Corruptocrats, many of them Democrat will face charges of Sedition and/or Treason. This is why they will stop at nothing to disrupt the process. They literally have everything to lose, including their lives for committing Capital Crimes.

Exactly how this will play out remains to be seen but it won't be pretty. There's surely lots of behind-the-scenes brokering with corrupt Deep Staters, like Rod Rosenstein, who may yet be convinced to assist in this transition, in exchange for lighter sentences or maybe none at all. The week before last, Rosenstein had convinced Trump to walk back his order to declassify the FISA memos, a day or two before tendering his own resignation, which has not yet been accepted by the President.

There is surely brokering with the governments of the British Commonwealth. The UK may be economically sanctioned for its role in "Pee-Pee Dossier" and ongoing coup.

There is surely brokering with the BIS banksters about what the intermediary New World Order is going to look like and it appears that the moment alt news mavens have been waiting for since 2011 is at hand: precious metals and certain cryptocurrencies are set to skyrocket because the dollar is set to die. Whether we see a debt jubilee remains to be seen. Without that, the planet will likely sink into chaos.

Running Time: 33 min

P.S. Mike Adams' original broadcast was rendered in his Real.TV video file format, which does not embed on my website, as is the case with other alternative formats, including Bitchute, so I'm using a YouTube upload which I don't think is approved and which also contains edits and additions that are not present in Adams' original.
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