For Immediate Release:
September 28, 2020

Contact: Michael Arena

Breaking News:
National Feminist Leader and “Roe v. Wade” Attorney Endorses Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright for Re-Election

“We need Rebecca Seawright Now More Than Ever”
September 28, 2020 -- The Honorable Sarah Weddington, the leading and winning attorney in the landmark “Roe v. Wade” United States Supreme Court ruling, and a national feminist leader, strongly endorsed her former intern and staff member Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright for re-election today.

“We need to return Rebecca to the New York State Legislature now more than ever,” said Weddington, a former special assistant to the president of the United States. “Her leadership on behalf of women’s rights, of human rights, and of equality for all has been outstanding. I know first-hand from our many years of working closely together that Rebecca is incredibly persistent and effective." 

Weddington continued, "Her co-sponsorship of successful legislation to codify a woman’s right to choose and her sponsorship of the New York Equal Rights Amendment to the State Constitution are a few of the many examples of her accomplishments. As a breast cancer survivor, I am particularly grateful for her ground- breaking legislation requiring insurance companies to pay for 3D mammograms— which became state law. In these perilous times, we need state legislative leaders who will firmly stand against those looking to turn the clock backwards and tirelessly work to advance social justice.  We can count on Rebecca. I strongly urge the voters of the 76th Assembly District to re-elect Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright on the “Rise and Unite" ballot line."

Assembly Member Seawright fought for and helped win: 

• the strongest rent reforms in New York State’s history, making rent stabilization and rent control permanent;
• passage of a budget which includes an increase in support for public school funding by over one billion dollars;
• enactment of a new law providing for insurance coverage for women and men who need 3-D mammograms for breast cancer detection;
• passage in the Assembly of an Equal Rights Amendment to the New York State Constitution;
• enactment of the first New York State inventory of women in policy positions in government to help remedy the lack of sufficient representation in decision-making;
• the securing of $12 million of funding for her district’s public schools, senior centers, and parks;
• the Clean Waterways Fund, through her sponsorship, signed by the Governor; 
• support for unemployment insurance during the CoVid 19 pandemic for hundreds of her constituents;
•passage of legislation to revoke firearm rights of convicted domestic violence offenders.

Assemblymember Seawright is running for re-election on the “Rise and Unite Party” ballot line.
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