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New National Champions Board Members Appointed Champions Board members are selected to give the project a balance of desirable expertise and regional representation, including industry representatives, informal learning educators, gender equity experts, science and mathematics education representatives, and educational policy experts. New members include:

Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum Logo NGCP Partners with The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum 

The NGCP is excited to announce a new partnership with The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum (LVM). Funded by Target, the LVM created an Educator Toolkit designed to guide educators in integrating their collection of transmedia and virtual exhibits into existing STEM programming. The NGCP is piloting the toolkit and activities at select sites in preparation for it to be publically released this fall.


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GRITS Collaboration Forum: Best Practices for Writing a Successful NGCP GRITS Mini-Grant
July 22, 2014; 2:00-3:30 PM Central
Girls Raised in Tennessee Science (GRITS) Collaborative Project will use this online forum to explore best practices for collaboration. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about upcoming mini-grant funding opportunities. Webinar connection information will be provided upon registration. Register  Like us on Facebook
FabFems Spotlight FabFems 
Ashley Donovan
Ashley Donovan
Meet Ashley, a researcher in the field of quantum dynamics at Princeton University. After completing her Ph.D. this fall she will be embarking on an exciting journey: running across the country from Portland, OR to Washington D.C. Along the way she'll meet with community members and facilitate discussions about local education issues. Ashley would love to connect with other FabFems and girl-serving programs throughout the NGCP network during her trek across the U.S. To connect with her on her journey, or to learn more about her, visit Ashley's Profile!

The FabFems Spotlight highlights women from the FabFems Role Model Directory. FabFems are enthusiastic about the science and technology work they do and want to inspire a future generation of FabFems. Search the Role Model Directory to find FabFems like Ashley to connect with in your area.

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Swirls   Upcoming STEM Events  STEM_Events
Esri Education GIS Conference

San Diego, CA; July 12-15, 2014
Attendees will discuss emerging best practices and challenges in geographic information system (GIS) education, participate in hands-on training and technical workshops to improve GIS skills, and learn about Esri resources. Register 


International Conference of STEM in Education
Vancouver, BC Canada; July 12-15, 2014
This year's theme "STEM Education and Our Planet: Making Connections Across Contexts" is an opportunity for educators and researchers to share and discuss their innovative practices and research initiatives to advance STEM education. Register 


Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Conference

St. Charles, IL; July 14-15, 2014

The CSTA conference is a professional development opportunity for computer science and information technology teachers who need practical, classroom-focused information to help prepare their students for the future. Register 


STELAR Webinar Professional Development in ITEST Projects: Models and Examples
July 16, 2014; 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern
ITEST projects incorporate various strategies in their educator professional development, such as intensive summer workshops, internships, out-of-school experiences with students, afterschool meetings, and online discussions. Additionally, some of these professional development projects focus on content, while others center on pedagogy. This STELAR webinar will explore these different strategies and effectiveness. Register 


Serious Play Conference

Los Angeles, CA; July 22-24, 2014

Conference sessions will help educators identify the types of games and simulations that work best for students at the pre-school, K-12, and higher education levels. Participants will also learn how to use games and simulations for messaging and professional development programs. Register 


Techbridge Summer Institute

Oakland, CA; July 30- August 1, 2014

Participants will explore inquiry-based activities and learn how to recruit and engage girls in STEM programs, implement Techbridge's hands-on curriculum for grades 5-12, plan field trips and visits with role models, expand family outreach, and integrate career exploration into existing programs. Register 


Astronomical Society of the Pacific Annual Meeting
Burlingame, CA; August 2-6, 2014
This year's theme "Celebrating Science: Putting Education Best Practices to Work" will explore the latest in formal and informal education best practices. Participants will engage and network via presentations, panels, and workshops. Register  


Swirls   Champions for Collaboration  Champions

NGCP Champions Board members are selected to give the NGCP a balance of desirable expertise and regional representation. We are highlighting Champions Board members to inspire and inform your work to engage girls in STEM. This month we feature one of our newest Champions Board members Jennifer Stancil, Executive Director of Education Partnerships at WQED Multimedia.     

Jennifer Stancil
Jennifer Stancil 


What excites you most about your work?  I am ecstatic about the opportunity media provides kids today, and especially girls. If you think about YouTube, social networks from Twitter to Vine, and the open-platform apps, girls have an unprecedented opportunity to do three things: 1) explore their identity with different channels, 2) create the media they want to see with positive images (see also Vi Hart and her YouTube math "doodles"), and 3) transform the conversation about how young women are perceived as scientists of the highest merit, inventors or astrono-hers (a.k.a. astronomers), computer coding geniuses, and engineers. It is a time of exciting disruption when girls don't have to consume, but rather get to curate and create a better narrative about their role in our collective STEM future.  

What do you most appreciate in a collaborator?  The dance of collaboration is difficult. The best collaborators know their own strengths and weaknesses and admit them up front. They know their lane and best practices of their field. And they know that passion matters. So, the secret sauce is in knowing both who you are and having vision of what you can become as part of a collective.

Who are your role models?  Right now, my lens is inspired by looking through my daughter's eyes about scientists she recognizes. We have a mom/daughter song and dance routine to the tune "I Wanna Be Like Madame Curie" that I must convince her to perform for her friends! She's so consumed by Jane Goodall right now - and given that I almost couldn't speak on the occasions that I met Dr. Goodall after working on an IMAX film about her contributions - I think my daughter has great taste in scientists!

What advice would you give to the NGCP community?  Don't be afraid to have a point-of-view. That's what thought-leadership is. And, even better, find a way to code, You-Tube, or tweet yourself and your girls into the future they WANT to have. Using the media as a friend, not a foe, is a way forward for equity, for seeing girls in every possible role in life.


Swirls   STEM Resources  STEM_Resources

Conocimiento de Energ�a

The Department of Energy released the Spanish translation of its Energy Literacy Framework, Conocimiento de Energ�a. This resource provides educators and families with a framework for energy concepts, helping to inform them on how energy policies impact their daily lives.


Creating Connections with Role Models: The Power of Collaboration

This guide developed by Techbridge is designed to help practitioners recruit and prepare role models to inspire girls in science, technology, and engineering.  

July is Park and Recreation Month
The National Recreation and Park Association is encouraging people to get involved in their community through parks and recreation. The National Park Service website offers free educator resources for integrating park-based research into STEM classes and informal activities.   

Makers.com Logo MAKERS.com

MAKERS.com captures the impact women have made in America through a collection of interviews with diverse and trailblazing women. Screening materials, lesson plans, and tool kits are available for educators and others interested in viewing within their communities.


Mi Tierra, Mi Mundo/My Land, My World

The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum's Mi Tierra, Mi Mundo/My Land, My World is a series of bilingual immersive real-virtual watershed experiences and resources. This resource aims to engage Latino youth (grades 5-12) in STEM careers. 


NCWIT's Talking Points:  Why Should Young Women Consider a Career in Information Technology? National Center for Women Information Technology (NCWIT) Talking Points are short advocacy and conversation cards to help adults talk about computing and IT to young women. The main message is that IT offers meaningful work, security, and high salaries (with a bachelor's degree), along with flexibility and variety. Also available in Spanish.  

NGCP Program Directory: Search for Collaborating Programs or Register Your Program! The online Program Directory highlights programs that focus on motivating girls to pursue STEM careers. The purpose of the directory is to help organizations and individuals network, share resources, and collaborate on STEM-related projects for girls.
Swirls   Global Resources GlobalResources

Adobe Youth Voices Logo Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Community
The AYV Community is a network of educators around the globe fostering young people's creativity. Members gain free access to a collection of open, downloadable curricula and resources designed to help educators guide youth in employing video, multimedia, digital art, web, animation, and audio tools. Capable of being integrated into existing lessons or standing alone, these technology resources empower youth to better communicate their ideas.

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