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  NGCP Updates : New Champions Board Member
National Champions Board members are selected to give a balance of expertise, including industry representatives, informal learning educators, gender equity experts, science and mathematics education representatives, and educational policy experts.    
Heidi Ham
Heidi Ham
We welcome our newest member Heidi Ham. Heidi is the Vice President of the National AfterSchool Association (NAA), a product of afterschool programs and a long-time NAA member and leader in national youth work. Her recent work includes co-authoring Core competencies for the OST field, a chapter in The growing out-of-school time field: Past, present, and future Journal.
No Limits Request for Application
Mercedes-Benz Car Tackling the issue of gender stereotypes, Mercedes-Benz USA is showing young girls, that they can aspire to be and do anything they desire. There are no limits. Thousands of girls will be gifted a die-cast Matchbox replica of the Mercedes-Benz 220SE commemorating Ewy Rosqvist's historic 1962 Argentinian Grand Prix performance. Ewy rocketed across the finish line three hours ahead of the competition to win the unforgiving road race known for destroying cars because of treacherous terrain.

The toy cars will be gifted through the NGCP Request for Applications. Girl-serving programs and their partners are invited to apply to receive cars for use in their ongoing programs, for a special event, or to replicate the activities shown in the No Limits video. Cars may be used for all ages; however, higher priority will be given to programs serving girls ages 4-12. Preview the application (PDF). Application deadline is October 10, 2019.
NASA Solar System Trecks Logo
Webinar: Exploration of Other Worlds Using NASA Solar System Treks
October 8, 2019; 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern)
This webinar will introduce NASA's Solar System Treks (SST) , a free resource that contributes to STEM learning. The SST portals enable students to study the REGISTERsurfaces of the Moon, Mars, Vesta, Ceres, Titan, and Icy Moons. Participants will hear directly from outreach specialists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Ames Research Center, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Webinar: One Size Won't Fit All -The Unique Challenges of Diversity in Computing
Student Research Foundation Logo October 29, 2019; 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern)
Today's high school students can provide deep insights for tailoring strategies that encourage a new generation of girls to see computing careers as a perfect fit. The Student Research Foundation (SRF) will share its latest research on gender and STEM. Drawing on survey responses of students in high schools across the nation, SRF shares insights about the unique differences between STEM aspirants interested in REGISTERcomputing vs. non-computing, and the steps adults can take to attract more girls to computing fields.

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week with CodeSciGirls!
SciGirls Logo December 11, 2019; 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern)
A new Season of SciGirls premieres December 12, 2019 during Computer Science Education Week. The bright and relatable girls featured in five new REGISTER episodes explore computer science by coding, designing and programming their way to new adventures in technology. Participants will learn about the new season of SciGirls: the episodes, topics, the game, and new activities.

Do You See Your High School Students in Future STEM Careers?
NGCP is pleased to be collaborating with the American Association of Physics Teachers, Destination Imagination, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, and the Student Research Foundation on a research project focused on high school students' perceptions of STEM careers. In previous research, we found the majority of STEM students (51%) saw STEM courses as "extremely" or "very important" to future careers. By including your students in this research, you can help them: further consider their strengths, interests, and career options; receive information from colleges, universities, career and technical schools, and other post-secondary institutions seeking to recruit students with their specific interests, talents, skill sets, and career goals; and gain access to post-secondary scholarship opportunities. Watch your in-box for a package from The National College & Career Pathways Study. Please fill out this on-line form or email [email protected] to be on the list.

Collaborative Network ActivitiesCollabActivity
Leap in Science Logo TemplateLeap into Science Educator Training
Leap into Science is a nationwide program developed by The Franklin Institute Science Museum that integrates open-ended science activities with children's books, designed for children ages 3-10 and their families. The program empowers educators to offer workshops in community settings like libraries, museums, and out-of-school time programs to engage underserved audiences in accessible and familiar settings. Below are upcoming training sessions being offered:
Leap into Science - Wind Training at North Central Kansas Library
Manhattan, KS; October 10, 2019
Leap into Science (Wind) at Piscataway Public Library    
Piscataway, NJ; October 15, 2019
Leap into Science: Wind Educator Training
Newark, NJ; October 19, 2019
LEAP into Science - Wind training, Northeast Kansas Library System
Lawrence, KS; November 13, 2019
Leap into Science - Wind Training at Southeast Kansas Library
Fredonia, KS; November 15, 2019
Leap into Science (Light and Shadows) at Lambertville Academy     
Lambertville, NJ; March 13, 2020
Each month, this spotlight will highlight new programs, resources, and role models that are part of the IF/THEN Initiative, an initiative from Lyda Hill Philanthropies designed to activate a culture shift among young girls and introduce them to STEM careers.

If Then Ambassador The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Lyda Hill Philanthropies have selected 125 women innovators as AAAS IF/THEN® Ambassadors to serve as high-profile role models for girls. Ambassadors will connect with students in person and through various media platforms, including YouTube channels and network television shows. The Ambassadors represent a diversity of STEM-related professions in the United States, from entertainment, fashion, sports, business, and academia. In October, the Ambassadors will participate in the IF/THEN® Summit in Dallas to take their outreach to the next level by learning from each other and receiving resources and coaching in science communication and effective STEM storytelling. The full list of Ambassadors can be found at www.ifthenshecan.org/ambassadors.
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Upcoming STEM EventsEvents
Empowering Girls in Science Through Growth Mindset and the New Girl Scout Space Science Badges
Online, October 8, 2019; 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern)
Focused on Growth Mindset in girls and the new 2019 Space Science badges for Girl Scouts. Presenters will explore ways to engage and encourage girls in STEM, discuss the newly released badges, the Girl Scouts' STEM strategy, and ways science museums can successfully engage girls in Earth and space science. Learn more.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Conference
Milwaukee, WI; October 10-12, 2019
Conference focuses on educational, professional and workforce development. This year's theme is "Indigenizing the Future of STEM." Attendees include American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and First Nation high school and college students, educators, professionals, tribal nations and tribal enterprises, universities, corporations, and government agencies. Register.

National Career Pathways Network (NCPN) Conference  
Orlando, FL; October 11-13, 2019
The NCPN conference provides an opportunity for secondary and post-secondary educators and members of industry to network and share best practices, focusing on Career Pathways implementation at the state and local levels. Register.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Annual Meeting
San Francisco, CA; October 18, 2019
A broad science education and outreach conference featuring plenary speakers, panels, contributed workshops/sessions, and oral/poster presentations addressing a wide range of professional work, research, and evaluation in education, communication, and diversity in science. This year participants will be celebrating ASP's 130th anniversary. Register.

Summer Changes Everything NSLA Conference
Atlanta, GA; October 21-23, 2019
This National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) conference is an opportunity for stakeholders in the summer learning movement to share resources, best practices, and solutions for summer learning and afterschool programs. Register.  
CSforALL Summit
Salt Lake City, UT; October 21-23, 2019
Participants will celebrate the progress on the CSforALL movement and announce new commitments to reach the goal of access to rigorous, inclusive, and sustainable computer science education for all US students. Register.

Lights On Afterschool   
Nationwide; October 24, 2019
Lights on Afterschool Light Bulb Organized by the Afterschool Alliance, Lights On Afterschool is celebrating 20 years and draws attention to the many ways afterschool programs support students by offering them opportunities to learn new things such as science, community service, and robotics. Visit the Lights On Afterschool website to get event ideas, register an event, access planning tools, and find an event in your area.

Society of Women Engineers: WE19
Anaheim, CA; November 7-9, 2019
WE19 offers professionals, collegiates, and employers an opportunity to network, meet role models and mentors, find new talent, provide professional development to current employees and support women in engineering and technology. This year's theme is "We Live. We Learn. We Lead." Register.

ACTE CareerTech 2019 ACTE's CareerTech VISION 2019
Anaheim, CA; December 4-7, 2019
Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) invites career and technical education professionals to learn about best practices and innovative programming, how to use technologies to enhance learning, ways to help students plan their secondary careers, and strategies for project-based learning. Early bird registration ends October 25, 2019. Register.
The Connectory Spotlight highlights tips, resources, program providers, and STEAM opportunities for youth listed in The Connectory. This free online collaboration tool for program providers helps them find partners based on interests, and showcase STEAM opportunities  for youth to families.
CSforAll summit 2018 In 2018 CSforALL and AccessCSforALL joined together to launch the CSforALL Accessibility Pledge to rally the national community of CS education content creators, program providers, educational institutions, researchers, and investors to take immediate steps to achieve accessibility for existing efforts, and ensure that future efforts address accessibility within the design phase.

The Connectory's CSForAll Commitment Update:
  • Review The Connectory for Accessibility tagging (Completed February 2019)
  • Conduct outreach to accessible K-12 CS programs to join The Connectory (In progress)
  • Add informed language to our search parameters (Slated for 2020-21)
October is National Disability Awareness Month. We encourage program providers to add their STEAM opportunities that cater to youth with disabilities. Here are two examples:
  • STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities (Oct 15) at North Carolina Biotechnology Center. Open to 6-12th grade students with any disability (performing near or at grade level). Students meet role models with disabilities who have thriving careers in STEM fields. Includes an Opportunity Fair.
  • SenseAble Science: Last Sunday of the Month. The Museum of Innovation and Science opens early exclusively for visitors with autism or other sensory needs. Enjoy a quiet room, special planetarium show, and exhibits modified to be more sensory-friendly.
Our Getting Started Guide provides step-by-step instructions for joining The Connectory and adding your program and opportunities. It's free!
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STEM ResourcesResources
Conrad Challenge Logo Conrad Challenge
Students (ages 13-18) are invited to become entrepreneurs and apply innovation, science, and technology to solve problems with global impact. Guided by teachers and industry experts, it is a master class in collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. Teams from afterschool programs and science clubs are encouraged to participate. Registration deadline: November 1, 2019.

Earth Science Week
Earth Science Week will be celebrated October 13-19, 2019. This year's theme "Geoscience Is for Everyone" is meant to encourage individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to engage with the geosciences, whether that is as a geoscience professional, a hobbyist, or through civic engagement. Website includes resources for geoscience careers, teacher professional development, and classroom activities.

National Chemistry Week (NCW)
NCW is October 20-26, 2019. This year's them is "Marvelous Metals" exploring the properties and uses of metal while celebrating the international year of the Periodic Table. NCW encourages chemists and chemistry enthusiasts to build awareness of chemistry at the local level. The National Informal STEM Education Network website has resources for hosting your own chemistry event.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). 2019 emphasizes personal accountability and stresses the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity at home and in the workplace. This year's theme "Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT." will focus on key areas including citizen privacy, consumer devices, and ecommerce security. NCSAM resources will help you engage your stakeholders and promote positive, lasting cybersecurity habits.  
Intersectionality in Tech NCWIT
NCWIT's Intersectionality in Tech 101
Intersectionality is a critical and necessary concept to develop effective programs to broaden the participation of women and girls in computing. This resource provides a background and overview of the concept, with key readings and resources related to women and girls of color in STEM and computing.   

STEMExplore Virtual Career Connections
From marine sciences to engineering, STEMExplore Virtual Career Connections features a new generation of aspiring professionals with an exciting look into the real-world of STEM careers with a free and live virtual events, October 8 - December 19, 2019.  

Global ResourcesGlobal
Day of the Girl 2019 International Day of the Girl
October 11, 2019
The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. This year's theme "GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable" will celebrate achievements by, with, and for girls since the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action - the most comprehensive policy agenda ever for advancing the rights of women and girls.
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