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News & Notes from JASMYN                                                                          June 2015

Board of Directors

Bruce Musser


Dr. Jim Crooks
Vice Chair 


Tina Wirth



Barbara Drake



Dr. Afesa Adams


Edi Castro


Gregory Foster, Esq.


Dr. Holly Hamilton


Justin Lombardo


Gerry Orton


David Rinzler


Dr. Tom Serwatka


Lori Shad


Billy Wells


Josh Zmroczek


JASMYN Properties Board
  David Rinzler


Bruce Musser
Vice Chair 

Barbara Drake

Cindy Watson

Edi Castro

Dr. Jay Dutton


Jimmy Midyette, Esq. 



Cindy Watson
Executive Director


Dan Merkan

Director of Evaluation and Technology

Emily Rokosch

Director of Operations


Angela Strain

Director of Development


Sabrina Cluesman

Assistant Director of Services


Tim Jefferson

Assistant Director of Programs


MJ Cranston

Testing Coordinator


Bradley Landon
Case Manager 


Princess Burch

Case Manager


Kaitlyn Dulmes

Patient Navigator


Toni Liggins

Case Manager


Riece Hamilton

Case Manager for Homeless Youth


Heather Loran

High School Teen Clinics Manager


Ace Canessa

Student Support Coordinator


Edmon Galloway

Outreach Specialist


Jensen Lindquist

Outreach Specialist


Evelyn Wilkinson

Finance Manager


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June 26 & 27, 2015

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October 16, 2015

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Give OUT Day Results     Feel The....                  
With your support and dedication, JASMYN has been in an unprecedented period of growth. We are doing compelling work with young people that no one else is doing in our region - especially around HIV prevention, testing, case management, and linkage to care.

Soon our board of directors will finalize the 2016-2018 strategic plan. The plan will challenge all of us to reach even higher - especially around the expansion of medical care, mental health services, and housing.

Now that we've been working in our expanded campus for a few months, we are seeing new ways to use our space with expanded partnerships in the community.  We're also seeing for the first time what a campus can mean to our young people, both in connection to peers and connection to life saving services. We know that the coming period will require us to grow, and we know that you will be there to help make it happen!

Over the next few months, we will be sharing more about the work that is being done and the work that remains to be done. In this issue, we especially want to inform you about the challenges faced by our community in the new wave of the HIV epidemic in the U.S. and right here at home. We know that conversations will be sparked, and we welcome your input, suggestions, and questions. With you, we are building a foundation for the next 20 years of service to LGBTQ young people, who will grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

In gratitude,
Cindy Watson
Executive Director
NationalHIVTestingDay National HIV Testing Day


June 27, 2015 is National HIV Testing Day and JASMYN is throwing a Backyard Party to encourage the whole community to get tested. Free rapid HIV testing will be provided between 11 AM and 2 PM for people of all ages, along with music, food, and fun!

JASMYN supports youth through all stages of testing and linkage to care. For those testing positive, we help navigate the health care system. Equally important, we provide the emotional support needed for those diagnosed with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

Did you know that Florida ranked first in the nation in the number of new HIV infection cases diagnosed in 2013?  And the greater Jacksonville area had the fourth largest number of new HIV cases in Florida in the same year. In fact, Jacksonville reported more HIV cases individually than 23 states as a whole. In Jacksonville, 18% of the HIV diagnoses in 2013 were gay and bisexual young men, ages 13 - 24. That's almost one out of every five new infections! At JASMYN, these statistics are not just numbers. We know these young people, and we give them the support they need to live a long and healthy life. 
  About 1 in 4 new HIV Infections is among youth ages 13-24

This year marks the 20th annual National HIV Testing Day, a time to promote one of our best tools for HIV prevention. Too many people - one in six - who are living with HIV are not aware of it. That means they are not getting the treatment they need to stay healthy and may pass the virus on to others without knowing it. Spread the word: #NHTD


For more information about the JASMYN clinic and our testing services, visit our website.

COMJacksonville2015 Coming Out Monologues Jacksonville:
June 26th and 27th


We all encounter challenges and obstacles in our lives, but it is how we find our way through them that helps define who we are. And when we hear someone else's story, we not only learn about them, we learn more about ourselves.


The Coming Out Monologues, is best described as "social activism through theater." In addition to hearing coming out stories, you might hear about falling in love, falling out of love, deciding to start a family...all told within the context of LGBT lives and experiences. 

Audiences can expect spoken word, artistic and moving monologues, creative staging, musical performance and enlightening narration. Coming Out Monologues symbolizes transformation through storytelling for our community and creates points by which we can connect with each other.


Performances will take place at WJCT Studios (100 Festival Park Drive) on Friday and Saturday evening, June 26 & 27, at 7:00pm. There will also be a matinee performance on Saturday afternoon, June 27, at 1:00pm. You may purchase tickets for all performances here.


Be a part of the change you seek by becoming involved in this social change theater experience! Proceeds from each performance will benefit JASMYN and PFLAG.


GiveOUTDayResultsThank You For Making Give OUT Day

A BIG Success!

JASMYN Hearts You
JAMYN Hearts All Our #GiveOUTDay Supporters!

Thanks to the great support we received from the  local community and donors from around the country, we raised more than $9,000 during the campaign - beating our goal and allowing us to expand hot meals to more programs than ever before!  


Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Give OUT Day effort as donors, volunteers, and online advocates. You helped put JASMYN and Jacksonville on the map!   

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