As some of you are already aware, Lionel has been slowy phasing out their O gauge and O-27 tubular track, and instead focusing production on FasTrack. As we close out 2018, that phase out of the traditional style tracks is basically complete. Neither the O nor O-27 track appears in the most recent Lionel catalog, and our various Lionel suppliers have also mostly sold out of these track components. Thus, the Lionel O-27 track and CTC Lockons pictured here are all we have left, and they will not be restocked. The one possible exception are the 3' lengths of O-27 straight track, which as of this writing one of our suppliers still has available. For those of you using the O-27 track, hurry in before we sell out. Of course, we will continue to stock Lionel's FasTrack, which is compatible with O and O-27 gauge trains.