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April 2nd, 2019
The National Association of Music Merchants has awarded BHS with a Support Music Merit Award!
A total of ninety-eight schools were chosen nationwide. Ballard High School is the only school in Washington state to receive this award.
A SMMA Award recognizes an individual school for their commitment to and support of music education. The award recognizes and celebrates the commitment of school administrators, community leaders, teachers and parents who believe in music education and are working to ensure that it is part of a well-rounded education for all children. Over the 20 years of the survey, this designation has helped school music programs maintain and, in many cases, increase funding for music education programs. The award highlights music as a national education issue and shows what your school or community is doing to provide opportunities for music learning. The award also enables educators to draw attention to music programs that are sometimes overlooked or not fully understood by members of the public beyond the school community.

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On March 26 Concert Choir, Advanced Chorale and Treble Choir participated in the  Elliott Bay   Region Choir Festival at Roosevelt High School. All three choirs had outstanding performances and clinics, received high marks from adjudicators, and continued to set a standard of excellence for choral music in Seattle Public Schools. 

Final Vancouver Trip Fees Due: Advanced Chorale and Concert Choir trip fees are due April 2nd. The total student fee is $475. The fee for chaperones is $320. Please pay HERE.

BHS Choral Showcase : On April 3rd we showcase Ballard choirs to the middle and elementary schools. We need volunteers to help at the event.
  • Set-up Crew
  • Bake Sale Helpers
  • Clean-up Crew
Sign up to help HERE
Final Vancouver Trip Fees Due: Orchestra trip fees are due April 2nd. The total student fee is $475. The fee for chaperones is $320. Please pay HERE.
Spring Play Paperwork:
We are ending our season with two one act plays dealing with gun violence and school shootings to pay attention to the 20 th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings. Bang Bang You're Dead and Eric LaRue are both hour long plays. Bang Bang … deals with the issue from the students’ perspective and Eric LaRue is from the Parents’ perspective.
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