National Newsletter - May 2017

As you make your own travel plans for the coming months, my own include visits to some of our chapters.  

Last week I was thrilled to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of our Santa Fe chapter with the wonderful and warm members there.  I learned that Santa Fe attracts women from all over the country, some of whomstill yearn for their home roots.  But finding TTN has provided them with a supportive community of women who share their hopes and dreams.  

This week, I'll be visiting Minneapolis. Yes, Minneapolis!  We've been working with some dedicated chapter founders to launch a chapter and we're getting very close.  The Spring Pot Luck get-together seemed like the perfect venue to get up close and personal with the women who believe in the mission and want to see "MSP" on the TTN map.  

I can't wait to share with them all the possibilities that lie ahead when they achieve official chapter status. Remember when your chapter was born or when you first found TTN? Remember the comfort of the women in your transition peer group or your first chapter event when the room got so loud because the members were discovering how much they all had in common?  I remember those days in Philadelphia and all the days since, discovering my own impact.

Whatever your summer plans may be, I hope they are as exciting and rewarding as my visits to our chapters are for me.  I feel so grateful for the opportunity.
Welcome New Members!
Join us for the next New Member Orientation
Friday, May 12 at 12:00 noon Eastern time
Santa Fe 5th Anniversary Party
Over 50 members and guests came together for a wonderful celebration of our Santa Fe chapter.

Co-Coordinators Rachel Greenstein and Robin Sarkissian and their merry band of planners - Jean Palmer, Sue Burgess, Ginny Asman - went all out to show what a vibrant membership we have in Santa Fe.  

Attendees were welcomed by happy greeters who sold raffle tickets to win some beautifully assembled baskets.  The room was decorated in TTN colors and there was no doubt we were all ready for a good time.

I was thrilled to address the group, thank the leaders for their work in bringing this all together and sharing stories of how TTN has changed  the lives of so many women around the country.  We talked about all the wonderful benefits of membership - transition peer groups, special interest groups, opportunities to give back to the community and engage in the simple pleasure of each other's company.

Thank you, Santa Fe, and Congratulations!

What Are You Doing RIGHT NOW?
You're doing something interesting, aren't you? Something new?  Are you getting smarter?  Enjoying a scrumptious meal or taking in a cultural event?

Are you back in school?  Leading a book group? Maybe you're volunteering at a local community center reading to kids or coaching women on interview skills.

Perhaps you're getting ready to embark on an exciting volunteer vacation that will include both challenge and gratify you.

There are so many things going on RIGHT NOW in the lives of our TTN members.  Won't you share your moments with us?

By sending us a video tape (or photos) of what you're doing now, RIGHT NOW, we will be able to bring TTN to life - literally.  We want to show why joining TTN is the best decision any women over 50 
can possibly make.

So, POINT AND SHOOT RIGHT NOW and send your photos and video to

Make sure you include your name and chapter so we can give credit where credit is due.

We're a "Founding Member" of the Encore Network

TTN was one of the earliest organizations to focus on women over 50 who were entering a time of life that had no role models to show us how to age gracefully. While many of our mothers worked, women were not out in the world in the great numbers that our generation has been. So, way back in the late 1990's TTN was conceived.

Today there is an entire industry of organizations, as well as consultants, coaches and communities with missions directed at helping women, and men, craft a meaningful encore life.

Betsy Werley
For the past 4 years, our former Executive Director, Betsy Werley, has been bringing these organizations together to form an alliance called the Encore Network.  According to the brand new website that was just launched, "a coalition of encore leaders and organizations, the Encore Network provides resources, visibility and connections - strengthening members' work to turn our longer lives into an asset."

TTN is proud to be one of the founding members of the Encore Network and even more proud that it was brought to life through Betsy's vision and leadership.  Along with other impressive organizations in our industry, we have helped bring this vision to life and supported the implementation of a resource that will serve us all.

Please visit the Encore Network website to see the array of resources to help TTN learn and grow in order to serve you, our members, even better.
Are You at a Fork in Your Road?
Every day during the month of May, my friend and colleague, Sheree Clark, is interviewing all sorts of healthy living experts, many who arrived at their own "make it or break it moment" because of an event in their lives, and they're willing to share what they've learned with you.

I am one of those she hand-picked to feature in an online event called What the Fork? Discover a Practical and Nourishing Plan to Feed Yourself For Health and Happiness.  Click here to check out the array of speakers and topics she will cover now through May 31.
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New Member Orientation
Are you new to TTN?  Join us for a one-hour orientation on how to make the most of your membership in TTN!

Friday, May12
12:00 noon Eastern
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Transition Support
Visit the new Transition Resource Center on our website.  We are always adding new information and resources to assist YOU in your transition.

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