National Newsletter, Fall 2019
Fast forwarding into fall

The months fly by but our members don't miss any opportunities to connect with each other, learn something new, reach out to their communities or celebrate this exciting time in their lives. I'm always impressed at the creativity of these special women who know the importance of giving back or touching someone else's life in a positive way.

As we move into the last few months of the year, we're continuing our work on launching a "new" TTN in anticipation of our 20th Anniversary in 2020. Locally, your chapters are planning programs and activities to bring you together to celebrate life and find meaning in these important years.

Wishing you a bountiful fall season.

With gratitude,
TTN re-branding initiative update

Back in August we reached out to our active members and asked you to give us feedback on various words that describe TTN. We had an outstanding 42% response rate which certainly demonstrates your interest in, and affection for our organization. Here are a few of the things you told us.

TTN is unique because it offers all of the following:
  • Meaningful community
  • Volunteer-led participation
  • Face-to-face connection/high-touch experience
  • Nationwide network
  • Life transition support
  • Learning and inspiration
  • Opportunity to give back

Through your feedback, you answered the question "If the brand were a person, how would someone describe her?"

"She" is...
  • Warm
  • Intellectually curious
  • Actively engaged
  • Impactful
  • Fun

Sound like anyone you know? Look in the mirror because TTN is YOU!
2019 Annual Appeal kick off

We have some important news which we will share soon about this year's Annual Appeal. As you know, we rely on the generosity of our members and friends to help fund a small part of our budget. Your support makes it possible to continue to grow this amazing organization and reach more women who want what we offer.

2020 will be an important, and very exciting year for The Transition Network as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary. Looking ahead to the next twenty years, we want to make sure we put our best foot forward as we continue our work to bring women together and help them discover their impact.

Please keep an eye out for special emails with information on how you can participate in supporting the mission of TTN in the months and years ahead.
Carol Oswald, TTN Board President, and Central Ohio members teamed up with Thrive Columbus to promote TTN

Thrive Columbus brings together women from various businesses and non-profit organizations in the Columbus metro community to showcase their work and services. Carol agreed to make a video highlighting the value of TTN membership for Thrive to share on their website and social media platforms. You will also find the video on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In case you missed it, we’ve included it here . We encourage you to share this video with friends, family and co-workers who would like support in navigating professional and personal transitions. One of our members calls TTN “a friend magnet,” a wonderful way to describe one of the many benefits of joining TTN.
Chicago celebrates their 100 member milestone

Congratulations to our Chicago chapter for reaching a milestone of 100 plus members. At this writing there are now 129 Chicago TTN’ers enjoying a host of events, special interest and transition peer groups. To celebrate, the chapter held a brunch in downtown Chicago on September 28th which 40 members attended. Learn more about Chicago’s activities and membership here
TTN's Discover Series Webinars - a successful year

Thanks to our speakers and the 360 women who attended for making our Discover Webinar Series a rousing success this year. Over the past nine months, experts spoke on topics that are important to our members: Joy Loverde on Active Aging , Lisa Feiner on Staying Sharp Naturally and Annamarie Pluhar on Housing Alternatives

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about the Discover Series:

 " Outstanding, very understandable; progressed logically, answered all the questions I had."

"Joy Loverde definitely got me thinking about issues I hadn't thought about!"

“This most recent Webinar on Shared Housing was well presented. I appreciated having the links and resources referenced available for further follow up. Keep up the good work!"

We are considering topics for 2020 and welcome your ideas. If you have a suggestion and/or a speaker who is an expert on the subject, drop us a note- .
Atlanta Chapter featured in Atlanta Jewish Times

Our Atlanta Chapter was once again featured in the news, this time in the Atlanta Jewish Times. With the headline "Navigating Middle-Age Transition," journalist Flora Rosefsky captured the spirit of The Transition Network and its impact on women building a meaningful life after career.  Click here  to read the article and thank you Rhoda Margolis and team for helping more and more women learn about our wonderful community.
Fall events are in full swing across our chapters .

 The benefits of the Women in Transition workshop, a TTN Signature Program, continue to resonate with those who have participated. This season it has been offered in Washington, D.C., Santa Fe and will be forthcoming in New York City , (sold-out, please check with the chapter for a waiting list), Philadelphia ,   San Francisco , Boston and Long Island .
Joy Loverde visits another TTN chapter.

Last month, the Philadelphia chapter hosted Joy Loverde, Chicago TTN’er, who is an author and recognized expert on aging. The planning committee created a sell-out event with over 60 attendees at the IBX Center. Her talk, "What's in Your Active Aging Toolkit" was well received by the attendees who took home her latest book.

~ "I enjoyed Joy's presentation on aging. Well done ! Thanks to all wonderful TTN women for making this happen."

~ "Excellent presenter - engaging and informative. Plan to use Joy’s book in a small discussion group of interested friends."

~ "Very timely, succinct, useful information, well-delivered by Joy Loverde. the audience was large and very engaged. I got a lot out of this event, which was well-organized and inviting."

Congratulations to the Philadelphia chapter team and Joy on another excellent evening of learning and connecting.
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