August 1, 2019   
National Night Out to support safe neighborhoods!
Each year, people across America gather in their neighborhoods to promote police-community partnerships. By joining neighbors and talking with local law enforcement and first responders, we make our communities stronger and safer. We build a true sense of community.   

Here's a list of locations of the neighborhood gatherings in West Contra Costa for the annual National Night Out on Tuesday, August 6. 

Most events start at around 5PM or 6PM and go through 8PM or 9PM. Find a location near you and get outside and meet your neighbors and public safety responders!



The party kicks off in the Target parking lot at 4500 Macdonald Avenue at 5 PM. Police and fire caravans will fan out to block party-style events throughout the city. 

* The RYSE Youth Center will host a Night Out for Safety and Liberation event from 5PM to 8PM at 205 41st Street

* BART Police & Richmond Main Street
present K-9 demonstrations, safety
information, raffle, from 5PM to 8PM at the Richmond Bart Station, Metro Walk Plaza and 16th Street entrance. 

Other sites along the Richmond route: 

SOUTHERN District 1: 
* Crescent Park Apartments, Flemming/Playground Area
* Friendship Manor, 568 Stege Ave. 
* Monterey Pines, 680 S. 37th St. 
* Richmond Village, 700 S. 26th St. 
* Mira Flores Senior Housing, 150 S. 45th St. 
* Pullman Point Apartments, 2989 Pullman Ave. 

SOUTHERN District 2: 
* Marina Bay Shores Community, Courtyard at the Shores of Marina Bay (Marina Bay Parkway/Shoreline Court)
* Coronado Neighborhood Council, 212 S. 17th St. 
* Sacramento Street Neighborhood Council, 5830 Sacramento Ave. 
* Richmond Annex Neighborhood Watch, 2726 Santa Cruz Ave. 
* Shasta Street Neighborhood Watch, 1918 Shasta St. 
* S. 58th Street Neighborhood Watch, 58th/Bayview and Highland
* Barrett Apartments, Barrett Ave. between 8th and 6th St. 
* Atchison Village, 270 Curry St. 
* MetroWalk/Richmond Mainstreet Initiative/BART PD, Richmond Main Street above BART exit
* St. John's Apartments, 121 W. Macdonald Ave. (Courtyard) 
* Shields Reid Neighborhood Council/Chesley Mutual Housing Complex, 802 Chesley St. 

* Quail Hill Neighborhood Council, Quail Hill Lane/Hillcrest Club House
Church of Christ, 4709 Macdonald Ave.
* Hilltop Green, Hilltop Green clubhouse 1095 Parkside Dr. 
* N&E Neighborhood Council, 28 block of 28th St. 
* Hilltop Fairmede Neighborhood Council/Hilltop Community Church, 3118 Shane Dr. (Hilltop Community Church) 
* Vista Heights Community, Rifle Range Rd./Vista Heights Villa Mira Vista Club House

Ongoing Parties that are not included in the caravan: 

* 32nd Street Neighborhood Watch, 32nd St. between Roosevelt Ave. and Barrett Ave. 
* Country Club Vista Neighborhood Watch, Country Club Vista Park
* Solace Apartments, 3535 El Portal Dr. 
* Greenbrier Neighborhood Council, 855 Maison Way
* Bella Vista Apartments, 3400 Richmond Pkwy
* Neighborhood Watch, 37th St. between Roosevelt Ave. and Cerrito Ave. 
* May Valley, LaMoine (Cheese) Park
* Hilltop Church of Christ, 3301 Morningside Dr. 

* Shields Reid Neighborhood Council, 802 Chesley Ave. (6PM to 8PM) 

PINOLE * Fernandez Park (5PM to 8PM)

SAN PABLO:  * San Pablo Community Center, 2450 Road 20 (5PM to 8PM) 

EL CERRITO: To host an event, go online to or call Sergeant David Wentworth at 510-215-4446.


* Kensington is hosting a number of small, neighborhood gatherings throughout the community. Please contact the Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District for details at 510-526-4141.
John Gioia
Supervisor, District One 
Contra Costa County 
11780 San Pablo Avenue, Suite D 
El Cerrito, CA  94530 
510-231-8686 Phone