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Education and advocacy are part of the National Pancreas Foundation's (NPF) mission. Please see the list of events that are coming up throughout the year. We hope you are able to join us! For a complete list, please see our Events Page.


During the month of July, the National Pancreas Foundation is raising awareness and important research funds in the fight against pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis has challenged its friends, patients and supporters to Color It Purple!

Color It Purple started in 2017 with hundreds of people including corporate partners from the pharmaceutical industry participating. With each passing year, we hope it grows in momentum and participation with people across the United States challenging and/or taking up the challenge to Color It Purple for the NPF.
This challenge aims to bring attention to this insidious disease affecting thousands of people across the United States. While it runs through July, it is more than just a month. We are building a movement to put the disease in the minds of each and every person with whom we come into contact with; in person, online and on social media. It is our hope that through the Color It Purple Challenge (and campaign), we can raise awareness and donations to focus attention on the need for increased research funds for early detection, treatment and care of pancreatic disease.
Show us how YOU Color It Purple, challenge your friends and post on our Facebook group page:
"Ask all the questions you have. No question is a dumb question. As parents, we need all the information available to make the decisions for our children. Don’t be afraid to advocate for your child, even if it makes a medical professional uncomfortable. I have had medical professionals tell me that parents know their children better than anyone else. Your first concern is your child; not what a medical professional thinks of you. I was determined that Cameron was going to get the best medical treatment available." - Jane Macke, parent, and NPF Louisiana Chapter Chair

It is estimated that the incidence of acute pancreatitis at ~1/10,000 children per year, but currently there is no evidence-based diagnostic guidelines for pancreatic disorders in children. *

The voices of the youngest patients are not always heard. For the month of July, the NPF is featuring stories from caregivers/parents who care for those with pediatric pancreatitis. By sharing their stories and experiences, this will resonate and allow other caregivers in the same position, know they are not alone and to provide hope.

To read the caregiver stories, please CLICK HERE.
We are honored to be chosen as a charity partner for the Marine Corps Marathon (October 28th) and Indianapolis Marathon (November 8th). We are looking for runners to run in the name of finding a cure, in memory/in honor of a loved one, or supporting an organization that provides hope and courage to those suffering from pancreatic disease. Interested but not sure if running 26.2 miles is for you - each event has smaller races as well!
Get involved in Chronic Pancrea titis research and receive compensation for time and travel. For more information CLICK HERE.
Permanent Vacation Fest (July 28, 2018): Permanent Vacation Fest (PVFest) is a fun, music-filled event hosted by the NPF South Carolina Chapter and Charleston cover band, Permanent Vacation. PVFest was created years ago, but this year the event is promised to be bigger than ever, featuring several other local bands and artists, as well as food, drinks, and family fun (bounce house, craft stations, Kona Ice). Proceeds of the event will benefit the NPF. The reason for this event and the benefactor is very near and dear to the hearts of the Charleston community, who have given their time to put together PVFEST.

Brian Saunders (picture above), beloved husband, father, son, brother, friend to all, and Permanent Vacation drummer and co-founder, passed away from pancreatitis in 2017. Those closest to him had no idea how serious of a condition pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer could be. “His death was a shock to everyone who knew and loved him. Brian was full of life, had a pure love for music, and absolutely thrived on being surrounded by friends, old and new,” said Brian’s wife, Malory Saunders. “We thought that an amazing way to honor Brian, while raising funds for NPF, would be to use music. Brian absolutely loved everything about music and he was an amazing musician. Charleston is also a big music loving town, most people will choose to see live music over any other activity. We decided to host the event in July primarily because Brian would have turned 40 years old this month.”
After the loss of her husband, Saunders felt lost, angry, and did not understand how something that she was so unfamiliar with could take her husband away. “I decided to start learning as much as I could about pancreatic disease. I became driven by trying to figure out why in the world there is no known cure for pancreatitis and why even medical professionals are somewhat baffled by the pancreas,” said Saunders. “I found the NPF and I immediately noticed that the Chair in South Carolina was vacant. I knew right away that seat was meant for me. I have plans to do everything I am able to raise funds for research, support those who are living with pancreatic disease, and spread awareness for those who are not familiar with these diseases. I have already met so many incredible and inspiring people in my time as SC Chair for NPF, it has truly been a life changing experience.”