February 21, 2018
One Health Announcement
National Pet Health Survey: Update

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National Pet Health Survey: Health Pets, Healthy People 

The One Heath Commission (OHC) is using citizen science and  crowd-sourcing  tools to collect important data from  the public about disease and health issues occurring in pet dogs and cats. The short (6-minute)  online survey  records specific types of data on people's pets such as cancers, diabetes, asthma, and tick-borne illnesses. The survey also collects other related data such as the pets' sex, age, breed, weight, and whether they live indoors or outdoors. The EPA is collaborating with the OHC on this survey and will be analyzing and reporting the survey data.
The intent of this survey is to shed light on health and disease issues occurring in pet dogs and cats across the U.S., and provide scientists, concerned pet owners, and the general public with a free, informational database for further exploration.
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What has the survey found so far? 

As of December 17, 2017 a total of 1,611 surveys had been completed. Below are just a few of the preliminary results from these surveys.  We will continue collecting surveys  until January 20, 2020, or until we have reached the maximum number of responses (300, 000). 

Survey Responses 
Total responses_ 1_611 Cat Owners_ 518 _ Dog Owners_ 1093  Return Surveyors _ Multiple Pets_ 370
Total responses: 1,611
Cat Owners: 518 | Dog Owners: 1093
Return Surveyors (Multiple Pets): 370

Pet Living Environment
53% of pets lived in suburban environments
55% of pets lived at older homes (> 30 years of age)

Pet Background
92% of pets are spayed or neutered
82% of pets received routine vaccinations (within the last year)
37% of pets received teeth brushing or other dental care (within the last year)

People share their homes and lives with their pets, which means they share the good and the bad. This summary of our results to date demonstrates how your input can help shed light on health and disease issues in both pets and people across the U.S.

If you live outside the U.S., consider leading a pet health survey in your region.
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Tune in to the Pet Doctor Podcast to Learn More!
Interview with The Pet Doctor| Available Soon
Dr. Bernadine Cruz, DVM host of "The Pet Doctor" podcast on Pet Life Radio interviewed Dr. Megan Mehaffey about the National Pet Health Survey. Visit Pet Life Radio to listen to the podcast in the coming weeks! 
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