Up to 20% of female childcare providers contract CMV every year.
 Congenital Cytomegalo Virus Foundation to learn more information and how you can get involved.
Or Lisa Saunders a CMV  Awareness Advocate  

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In the scientific article, "Washing our hands of the congenital cytomegalovirus disease epidemic," Drs. Cannon and Davis state: "Perhaps no single cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities in the United States currently provides greater opportunity for improved outcomes in more children than congenital CMV." (BMC Public Health 2005, 5:70).

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"Women who are exposed to CMV prior to conception or within the first trimester of pregnancy and seroconvert have increased risk of their infant being infected with CMV," state the authors of " Child Care Provider Awareness and Prevention of Cytomegalovirus and Other Infectious Diseases ."

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