First ProcurementPRO 2.0 State Portal Launched by North Carolina DOT

Samantha Bryant Green, Procurement Officer for North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)-Public Transportation Division is always looking to streamline processes in innovative ways. When she began working for NCDOT in 2017, she was tasked with approving every procurement for over 80 transit agencies in the state that receive Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5311 funding, including everything from office supplies, office functionality, to vehicles and vehicle parts.

She relished the opportunity to make the ProcurementPRO 2.0 web app even more convenient for her subrecipients, through the creation of a North Carolina State portal. This was the first state portal developed using NRTAP’s updated ProcurementPRO 2.0 web app, and she was amazed by how smooth the process was.