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National RTAP 101 Webinar: Transit Asset Management

During this webinar, Kelly Shawn of RLS & Associates, Inc. will provide information on recent Transit Asset Management compliance requirements issued by FTA in July 2016 and the impact on Tier II transit providers (5311 subrecipients, do not operate rail, or have 100 or fewer fixed route vehicles). 

The webinar will include background on FTA's State of Good Repair (SGR), information needed to develop a Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan, State-sponsored plans, and best practices for  determining asset replacement and cost analysis. 

Whether you are a State DOT sponsoring a statewide plan or a Tier II provider, this webinar will provide insight into managing the safety, maintenance, and procurement data needed for a compliant TAM program. 
Register now  for t his webinar to be held on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 2:30pm ET.

Questions about the TAM rule in the meantime? Visit FTA's website for the Final Rule; recordings and presentations from the webinar series; the  Asset Management Guide for Small Providers and related TAM Plan Template; and other resources.  

Remember that transit providers and group TAM plan sponsors must set initial SGR performance targets no later than January 1, 2017, however reporting initial targets to the NTD is not required by the rule.
2014 Rural Data Now Available in iNTD Module

integrates multiple years of data and was developed to help rural providers and state DOTs quickly select data and variables for Section 5311 recipients and subrecipients. Performance measures relevant to rural systems are included.  Users can run standard reports, view NTD forms, or select their own variables. Learn more or register  to get started.
FTA and US DOT Updates
Federal FY2017 Annual List of Certifications and Assurances for FTA Grants and Cooperative Agreements are now available. Learn more via the DOT Website  or check out the Federal Register.  

FTA answers questions and seeks input about emerging shared mobility services via an  Online Dialogue .  FTA's blog weighed in on the importance of shared mobility, noting that  "Secretary Foxx has made clear that shared mobility has the potential to deliver better transit and paratransit service in a more efficient way - but recognizes the importance of balancing innovation with equity."

Transit Safety and Oversight December Spotlight Newsletter is now available. This issue features an interview with Candace Key, Acting Director of the Office of System Safety, and is a great chance to learn more about the FTA staff working on the SMS program. 

FMCSA Announces  Controlled Substances Random Testing Rate for Calendar Year 2017.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization Coordination and Planning Area Reform  Final Rule was published 12/20/16 and is effective 1/19/17. The rule  revises regulations to  promote more effective regional planning by States and MPOs. The goal is to better align the regulations with statutory provisions concerning the establishment of metropolitan planning area (MPA) boundaries and the designation of MPOs.  R ead FTA's Fastlane post explaining the new rule.
Resources and News


Interested in Mobility Management?  Make sure you're signed up for NCMM's monthly  Newsletter !  The December  edition featured a poster  presentation on using  Story Maps and Trip Planning  as part of travel training for school age children. 


Delaware DOT launched a website for non-traditional transportation projects. DelDOT is looking for community focused  projects that feature a variety of different actions. Even if you are outside Delaware, take a look and consider 'what else would improve transit in my community'?


TRB is seeking potential synthesis study topics for the FY 2017 Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP). Topics may be submitted at any time; however, the deadline for the upcoming cycle is March 17, 2017. All proposed topics must be submitted through the  TRB Synthesis Website .

To follow up on TCRP Report 185:   Bus Operator Workstation Design for Improving Occupational Health and Safety, the National Transit Institute (NTI) will be holding webinars on January 26 and February 16  for transit agency staff.

Registration is open for the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC)'s free online courseUnderstanding and Developing Transportation Programming for Older Adults and People with Disabilities: A Course on Human Services Transportation.   The self-paced course runs January 16 to March 1, 2017 and includes presentation videos, resources, and learning assignments. Registration ends January 23. 
Happy New Year from National RTAP!

Wishing you all peace, health, and success in 2017.  We hope to hear from you and see you at conferences around the country, including our conference in Omaha in the fall!  
December 29, 2016
Transportation Research Board
96th Annual Meeting
January 8-12
Washington, DC

2017 Winter Meeting 
January 11-13
State College, PA

Understanding and Developing Transportation Programming for Older Adults and People with Disabilities
January 16-March 1

National RTAP
Transit Asset Management 101
January 19

Bus Operator Workstation Design Part I, Organization Guidance Tools
January 26

Southwest Transit Association
Annual Conference
February 13-15
Baton Route, LA

National RTAP
Peer Call 
February 15
Registration Coming Soon

Bus Operator Workstation Design Part II, Design Guidance Tools
February 16 

Transit Maintenance Leadership Workshop
Long Beach, CA
April 10-14, 2017

12th Annual Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference
April 18-20, 2017
New Orleans, LA

Virginia Transit Association
Conference and Expo
May 23-24, 2017
Arlington, VA

National RTAP 
2017 Technical Assistance Conference
Oct 29-Nov 1,  2017
Omaha, NE

For a listing of all National RTAP and other national events, view our  Calendar . If you'd like to submit an event, please email info@nationalrtap.org.

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