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December 5, 2011
Happy Holidays and welcome to the National Scenic Byway Foundation's first newsletter.  We look forward to sharing information and resources with you as we strive to maintain the legacy of the National Scenic Byways Program.  Feel free to reach out to us at any time!
Sally Pearce and Deb Divine
Co-Executive Directors
P.S. Travel our byways safely this holiday season!
At the National Scenic Byway Conference in Minneapolis in August, the National Scenic Byway Foundation conducted several round table conversations with attendees.  The groups came up with numerous suggestions about activities the NSB Foundation should undertake and partnerships the NSB Foundation should develop.  We'd like to get your input on these suggestions!  Please take two minutes to complete our survey about the National Scenic Byway Foundation's role with the byways, and help us shape the NSB Foundation into an organization that helps YOU!

The National Scenic Byway Foundation is pleased to be a part of the Friends of America's Byways, a consortium of more than 30 national organizations sharing a common interest in sustaining the National Scenic Byway Program.  For more information about the Friends of America's Bwyays, visit http://www.funoutdoors.com/.
Friends of America's Byways representatives, led by the American Recreation Coalition and AAA, met with FHWA Deputy Administrator Greg Nadeau this week to demonstrate the strong and diverse support the National Scenic Byways Program enjoys among transportation, recreation, tourism, conservation and heritage organizations, and the important role this program needs to play in the US.  The group underscored the three vital elements to the NSB Program: designation, funding and technical assistance - and that the technical assistance has contributed importantly to the success of the byways effort since 1991.  Additionally, the delegates communicated that Friends of America's Byways strongly disagree that the technical assistance role of the America's Byways Resource Center has been completed, and that to eliminate funding would threaten the success of the byways effort.


The NSB Foundation has also opened up a dialogue with several national organizations, including U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Refuge Association, USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and others about the future of the National Scenic Byway Program and the role of the National Scenic Byway Foundation amidst changes. 


National Scenic Byway Foundation Overview


If you missed National Scenic Byway Foundation President, Anaise Berry's overview of the Foundation's recent activities at the National Scenic Byway Conference in Minneapolis last August, click on the video link to get a glimpse.

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the mission of the national scenic byway foundation is to foster cooperative opportunities that will grow and sustain byways for future generations. the vision of the foundation is that byways will be recognized and valued worldwide for their distinctive experiences, stories and treasured places.
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