December 16, 2021
Dear Barrington 220 Community,

Barrington 220 has been made aware of a national threat circulating on TikTok regarding gun violence in schools. More specifically, these TikTok posts seen in school districts across the country, threaten nationwide violence in schools on December 17, 2021.

Upon learning this information, district leaders contacted the Barrington Police Department. The Barrington Police Department has confirmed that these threats are unsubstantiated at this time and there is no viable threat to students or staff. No reports or posts have included Barrington 220 schools specifically.  

As a precautionary measure and to reassure students and staff, in addition to our School Resource Officer, we will have added police support over the next several days as part of our standard response procedures. As they are everyday, school social workers will also be available for students who may need support.

 “If you see something, say something” is a phrase that we share with our students often. We encourage parents to talk with their children about being watchful of any behaviors, including online and over social media, which would result in harm to anyone. If a student witnesses any harming behaviors it should be reported immediately. For information about reporting incidents anonymously, please visit the Safety 220 page on our district website.

While we are all aware of the positive and negative effects that social media can have on a student’s life, this can be an opportunity for families to discuss the importance of internet safety, physical safety, and mental health. For additional resources, please visit the SEL/Mental Health section on our website.

The safety of our students and staff is always our top priority and we commit to offering a safe and secure educational environment.