Native American Catholics E-Newsletter
April 2017

Hello and welcome to the quarterly electronic newsletter for Native American Catholics in the United States. The purpose of the newsletter is communicate about various events, activities, and partnerships and programs that I am currently working on. Please feel free to submit an article by contacting me at the email address below.

Journeying in the Easter Season

We read about the response of the Disciples of the Resurrection of Christ in the Easter Season readings. The Apostles both journey forward in the great evangelization that Christ commissioned and they also worked at building and strengthening the Church community, that is the bonds of friendship and fellowship that they had begun when they walked with Christ in Israel.

We also as the Native American Community carry out Christ two-fold mission especially during this time of year. At the heart of Native American spirituality is the center on the importance of the family. The challenge is in strengthen family bonds when many Native American Catholics are sometimes separated from their families. Some live in large urban areas while many of their family members live in the Native American Nations. 

As spring rolls into summer, we see the witnesses of rebirth all around us. It is also a time of the great work of evangelization but also to strengthen our community of faith. We accomplish this by working hard during this season on our great gift of family. That gift is all of our loved ones no matter where they live. Our loved one's help make us and keep us holy. They the great embrace of church that is our faith family.  

Your Brother in Christ, 
Rev. Michael Carson
Native American Affairs
Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church
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