Missions Update
Oct. 15, 2020

Native American Ministry - Keshena - Matt Golie
Matt & Terri Golie have diligently been serving the Menominee Indian reservation since Oct 2018. Listen in as Matt and Doug Clay discuss some of the aspects of the Menominee Reservation, and how Matt and his church that runs only 30-60 people, have been able to do huge things. Currently Native Americans make up the smallest portion of ethic groups in the AG fellowship and are ranked as one of the top three hardest people groups to reach in the world. If you would like to learn more about equipping your church to reach Native Americans, please give Matt a call.
Keshena Assembly is also gearing up for their Christmas project; “Give Joy” which blessed over 900 students last year with a personal Christmas gift. If you are so led, I know they will invest your support in the Kingdom of God wisely.
Wawaenon (thank you in Menominee),
Gayland Hendrickson
Missions Director