Vision Maker E-News - June 2017

Father's Day
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LGBT Pride Month
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Men's Health Month
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'Navajo Code Talkers' Featured on AAPB Through June 12

Producer Tom McCarthy's documentary, Navajo Code Talkers, recounts the contributions made by the Navajo to the U.S. victory in World War II. As an elite combat group trained to work as radio operators on the front lines, they developed and utilized a code in their native language that the Japanese never cracked.

Tom shares his point of view about the film and the overall importance of Native films. Navajo Code Talkers is featured on Vision Maker Media's  "40 Years. 40 Films. 40 Weeks." during the week of June 6.  
 Native American Perspectives on Law Enforcement
This short video is a collage of interviews from Native sons, a mother, fathers, educators and leaders expressing their thoughts on “the talk”—or lack thereof—in Indian Country from their own experience.

The interviews offer the Native American perspective and individual impressions from Native American interactions with law enforcement today. 

Chandra Walker (Omaha Nation) is a Community Health Educator at the Office of Health Disparities & Health Equity in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Jared Long Soldier (Oglala Lakota) lived much of his childhood running into the law. More recently, he has discovered a faith led journey of sobriety that has helped him turn his interest to giving back to other men who are looking for a sober lifestyle. 

Larry Voegele (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) is CEO for Health Services Division at Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.

Joseph B. Rousseau (Cheyenne River Sioux) is an Administrator within Lincoln Public Schools for the Expelled Student Program and also serves on the Lincoln Public Schools Indian Parent Advisory Committee.
40 Years. 40 Films. 40 Weeks
June Films

June 6 - Navajo Code Talkers
June 13 - Injunuity
June 20 - The Oneida Speak
June 27 - Who Owns the Past?
Upcoming Screenings 

Tribal Justice
Cinetopia Film Festival, Detroit, Michigan
June 10-11

AFI Docs Film Festival, Washington, D.C.
June 16

LA Film Festival, Culver City, California
June 17

Metal Road & Mayors of Shiprock
Navajo Technical University, Crownpoint, New Mexico
June 21

Metal Road & Mayors of Shiprock
KiMO Theatre, Albuquerque, New Mexico
June 23

Metal Road & Mayors of Shiprock
Navajo Nation Museum, Window Rock, Arizona
June 24

Metal Road & Mayors of Shiprock
NAU Native American Cultural Center, Flagstaff, Arizona
June 25

Free State Festival, Kansas
June 30

In the Beginning was Water and Sky
Atlanta Shortsfest
July 8

PEI Food & Ideas Fest, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
July 13-17

Melbourne Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia
Aug. 3-20

Ohero:kon - Under the Husk & Mankiller
Native Cinema Showcase, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Aug. 16

Metal Road & Mayors of Shiprock
Native Cinema Showcase, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Aug. 19

Two New Films Screen Together
On the Navajo Documentary Film Tour
Sarah Del Seronde (Navajo)
Ramona Emerson (Navajo)
Two Navajo filmmakers chose a unique way to introduce their films to audiences this summer. Sarah Del Seronde and Ramona Emerson took to the for a special pre-broadcast screening tour,  Metal Road and  The Mayors of Shiprock.

"I wanted to make Metal Road to shed light on two related, yet often hidden issues:  manual labor in the United States and Native American histories," Sarah said." Laborers are often the most economically oppressed people doing infrastructure jobs, but the workers are strong and resilient as demonstrated by the generations of Navajo railroaders. My hope is their labors will not go unnoticed any longer."

Metal Road, coming to NETA Aug. 26, follows three Navajo railroaders from the 9001 Heavy Steel Gang as they leave their homeland to replace aging railroad tracks from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean under extreme weather conditions.

The film The Mayors of Shiprock explores the work of a group of young Navajo leaders in New Mexico. Every Monday night in the small community of Shiprock, New Mexico, a group of young Navajo leaders meet to decide how they will help their community. For more than seven years, the Northern Diné Youth Committee has worked to give youth opportunities to directly make changes within their community. But while the NDYC works to make changes, many members also consider their own futures, commitments to family and the world outside of the Shiprock. While they love their community, they all must consider their options both on and off the reservation.

"We were invited into members’ homes and into the collective community of Shiprock every time we came to shoot, Ramona said. "It was inspiring to be around so many youth who wanted to make change and to watch their paths reveal themselves in front of our cameras. We have come to know and love all of the members of the Northern Diné Youth Committee as we watched their lives flourish and grow in front of our cameras for the last five years." 

Preview: Metal Road
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