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Hello Friends!

There is so much happening in bird world! Our favorite backyard birds have fresh nests, fledglings, or (for some species) are already on a second brood! This is all energetically demanding, especially in the heat. So, as we often do, we will remind you of the importance of offering energy dense foods and fresh clean water. During the nestling and fledgling times of the year many birds will feed their young on insects, but the adults may pop over to your feeders for some quick and easy sunflower seeds or suet. The whole family may visit your bird bath to get a drink or a bath. We have loads of gorgeous bird baths in the shop right now, so please come down and check them out! 

Considering nesting birds' needs for insects, it is worth stating that planting native plants will help make your yard a better bird habitat. Native plants are the plants that evolved in the area and as such they are the plants that native insects have evolved alongside. If you have native plants in your yard, you are much more likely to have a high diversity of insects and that helps birds thrive! Fortunately we have some excellent friends at Going Native Gardens who grow and sell native plants! See below for details of their plant sale at the bird store this week! 

Please keep in mind, as case numbers climb again, that we offer curbside pickup. If you prefer not to go into the store in person, just give us a call and order on the phone. We will bring it out to your car for you! No contact, safe, and helpful! We also offer some items for sale online for in-store pickup!



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Thank you for joining us in this space!

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Native Plant Sale

Our wonderful friends from Going Native Gardens are back at it! They will be running the plant presale this week from today, Wednesday 6/1 through Friday 6/3. Come by or call us (910-343-6001) to place your order. Then, on Saturday 6/4, stop by the shop to pick up your amazing plants!

Also on Saturday, from 10:00 -1:30, Going Native will be offering a popup plant sale! Some of the plants for the pop up will include:

Columbine, Great Blue Lobelia, Beauty Berry, Carolina Wild Petunia, Maryland Golden Aster, Blue Mist Flower, Ironweed, Buttonbush, Purple ConeFlower, and Large Flowered Aster!

Native Plant Presale Plants


Coral Honeysuckle

(Lonicera sempervirens)

One of the most popular flowers of the Southeast, its flowers are popular with both birds and butterflies.

Height: 6-10'

Sun: part shade to sun

Soil: Moist, well-drained, tolerates seasonal flooding

6-inch pots, $8 each


Tall Thimbleweed

(Anemone virginiana)

A native perennial wildflower in the buttercup family, the blooms last from Summer to Fall followed by thimble-shaped seed heads.

Deer resistant

Sun: full sun to shade

Height: 2-3'

Soil: tolerates poor and rocky soils

3-quart pots, $8 each


Golden Alexander

(Zizia aurea)

Flowers are attractive to many pollinators, especially black-swallowtail caterpillars and butterflies.

Height: 1-2 feet

Soil: moist to wet

Sun: sun to part shade

Bloom time: April to June

3-quart pots, $8 each



(Sambucus canadensis)

A plant beloved by many species of wildlife! A cluster of white flowers blooms through Summer. Juicy berries for birds in late Summer.

Height: 5-12 feet

Sun: light sun

Soil: moist to wet

1-gallon pots, $12 each


Crimson-eyed Rose Mallow

(Hibiscus mascheutos)

A hardy native that produces showy blooms which attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators. 

Height: 5-7 feet (average 4'

Soil: likes wet to moist soil but can adapt to average or slightly salty soil

Sun: full to partial sun

Blooms: June-September

1-gallon pots, $12 each

*All photos from NCSU 

New Merchandise in the Shop

We just got in a bunch of new items! There are new garden decor items such as the very popular Peace Poles, which come in a variety of sizes and colors. There are also plenty of new bird baths! There are all manner of bird bath: tall, short, ceramic, concrete, plastic, metal, classic, whimsical, or edgy! You will certainly want more than one, but no pressure. 


Our staff are awesome and they are happy to help you with anything you see in the store. Come see us and say hi this week! 



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