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All lipsticks, shadows, pencils, blush, bronzers, glosses, and mineral powders are the same formula as the original Zosimos products unless otherwise stated as a (new) color in the title name. 

The majority of our products are vegan. However, some formulas include ingredients such as Carmine or Silk Powder. To find out more, click on the item in question; each individual description states whether vegan or non-vegan. 

Chalet color cosmetics products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral-oil, and gluten. Cruelty-free, eco-friendly, safe cosmetics made in the United States. 

Old Favorites, New Names

We are continuously adding new colors so keep checking for updates! We are also diligently working on expanding our color offering and have numerous exciting new product launches in the works. All colors are consistent with original Zosimos Botanicals shades but are listed under new names. You will find the original name in parenthesis in the product title and description. Please contact us for any questions or to request guidance in regards to color matching. 

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Mineral shadows are here and they are the most amazing natural eye makeup products! We currently have 30 shades and are continuously creating more. These mineral powder makeup products can be used as liners, blush, bronzers, for the brow, lips, and more. They are no n-irritating and preservative-free (of course). The most amazing part of using these natural ey e makeup shadows is playing with the pigment with a wet brush versus dry. The possibilities are endless, you have to try it to see! These natural eye makeup products are formulated  with pure pigments to deliver rich, true color in a wide variety of shades and finishes. 

Mineral Magic is the same great natural beauty product you fell in love with before. Beige Linen, Fawn, Flax, Toasted Almond, Honeycomb, Rattan, Bamboo, and Chestnut are all available under new names. Descriptions for skin tone and undertone are also included on the website. This powder makeup mineral foundation provides natural-looking coverage for a flawless complexion. 

Made with Kaolin clay to purify the skin A  weightless formula that will balance the appearance of the skin and hide imperfections for a healthy glow. 


Discover your perfect color with natural blush and bronzer makeup. These loose mineral powders are made with pure pigments and good-for-you ingredients. No preservatives, no synthetic chemicals, and no harmful toxins. These natural beauty products deliver gorgeous color with sheer to deep, buildable shades. Great for even the most  sensitive  skin to develop anything from a soft radiant glow or sun kissed bronze. 


It's the Pristine  Finishing Powder! This loose mineral powder will set your makeup and lock in mineral pigments so makeup doesn't settle into lines or pores. Made with Kaolin clay to purify the skin and absorb excess oil. This natural beauty product also creates an illuminance to   highlight your face so your complexion appears to always be in perfect lighting. 

A sheer shade to match nearly all skin types. 


Love That Liner and Pout Pencil are the exact same all-natural pencils you know and love but under fun, new names. 
These creamy, long-lasting natural beauty products are easy to apply and come in a variety of lively colors to please any skin tone and eye color. Unlike wet, loose powder liners that can be messy, these pencils go on smoothly, neatly, and evenly. Can be used on the eyes, lips, or brows. Preservative-free and non-irritating, great for even the most sensitive eyes. 
These pencils come in n atural, beauty-enhancings shades to vibrant eye-catching colors. 


While the original formula is still available with the old color names on our website, we've developed a new softer natural lipstick in the same colors as well.

Our new and improved lipstick formula that is creamier than ever! We replaced Sweet Almond Oil with Coconut Oil to make it more moisturizing. The natural lipstick formula delivers rich coverage color in a gluten-free formula with vegan options. Lips appear fuller under the extreme staying power that will not fade or feather. Formulated with natural oils and butters. We've enhanced this lipstick with Shea Butter so it is softer and more moisturizing so you get longer-lasting, color to compliment your complexion.
Original lip gloss formula also available as Pout Polish. 
Love In Bloom Pressed Mineral Shadow Palette

Whether your going for a gorgeous girly girl or a fierce feminine edge, this collection provides the best natural beauty products to transition into Spring. These peachy, pink tones are perfectly coordinated with the monochromatic trend of the season. The natural mineral blush makeup and bronzing powder deliver an automatic glow. The natural eye makeup pencil can be used on the eyes and to fill in the brows. And the coral natural lipstick is one you will wear more and more as the temperature warms up.
Each season will launch a new Color Collection to present on-trend, runway inspired looks. The pressed Mineral Shadows in the Eye Shadow Palettes are magnetic and can be replaced, eco-friendly!

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Receive 2 free Love That Liner Pencils with your purchase of the Love In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette. 

Offer Expires 02/28/2017.
Chalet guarantees the best natural skin care products by delivering the ingredients that make the difference. Our products are all manufactured in the United States by environmentally friendly facilities and practices. The collection of natural beauty products are devoid of any synthetic chemicals and harmful toxins. And always crafted with  love .
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