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August 2011 
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Castor Jelly
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Castor jelly is a versatile direct replacement for Petrolatum. You can derive the same benefits with exposing yourself to petroleum products.
Are you tired of quickly losing fragrance in bath salts and fizzies? Dendritic salt is the answer.

Castor Jelly

A natural replacement for Petrolatum  


castor jelly

Castor jelly is a good barrier to prevent transdermal water loss and drying and cracking of the skin. It can be used as a direct replacement for Petrolatum in a wide variety of applications. Spread it on your lips to prevent wind burn and the drying effects of the sun. Add a bit of flavor oil to it by melting it and then pouring it into lip balm tins. Unlike competitive Un petroleum jellies, it will not lose translucency on melting and resolidifying.  Add it to lotions and salves to improve their barrier qualities.


Castor jelly can also  be used as a natural release agent in belly and mask casting instead of Petroleum jelly.


Castor jelly is produced from Castor oil. Buy it here 

Whipped  Barrier Beurre
A combination of White sage, Chamomile and Avocado  and Aloe provides healing and protection for wind and sun challenged skin.


4 oz. Beurre Aloes 
1 tsp Glycerine 
1 tbs EO or Fragrance


Melt the butters and oils together. Place in a bowl in an ice water bath. Mix gently using a whisk or a hand mixer. Drizzle the glycerine in and add the fragrance  as it cools. Once the mixture begins to turn cloudy, remove it from the ice bath and whip it to produce a fluffy cream. Spoon into jars for use. Protect the finished product from excessive heat to prevent it from collapsing into a hard salve.

Perfect for every day use.
Apply before going out in the wind and after coming in to replenish the skin's protective oils.
Use a bit of  Beurre Chamomile with Beurre Lavande and Beurre Aloes to produce a soothing cream using the recipe above. This combination will help you have deep restful sleep.


A preservative free recipe for safety.
 Create Bath Salts
pink saltBath salts can be very relaxing. They are a perfect way to rejuvenate your skin with a refreshing soak. Create a perfect mood with soft candle light and soothing music.
A wonderful fragrance can complete the effect. But sea salt can be very hard on some fragrances. The traces of magnesium salts in sea water can contribute to the oxidation of the fragrances leading to a foul smelling product. Dead Sea salt and Epsom salts have very high magnesium contents which accelerates this transformation.  Additionally evaporation can also result in fragrance losses.
Fortunately there is a natural solution. Dendritic salt is prepared from highly purified salt that contains no magnesium. It is crystallized using a special technique that creates star shaped crystals. The little pockets on the crystals will hold your oils and fragrances to protect them from the rancidity causing sea salt crystals. These little droplets also slow evaporation of your fragrances.   .
Easy Bath Salts

This recipe makes about 6 cups of bath salts.


 1 cup Dendritic Salt 

 1-2 tbl fragrance or essential oil

  1 tbl olive oil or other light oil

  1 tbl glycerine 

  1-2 tbl finely grated cold process soap (prevents tub rings and surface droplets)


  5 cups salt blend of your choice

        Try 1 1/2 cups Dead Sea salt combined with 3 1/2 cups of 

        Solar salt. Add 1/2 cup of Epsom salt if desired for a therapeutic



Combine the fragrances, olive oil with the dendritic salt. The mixture should be dry when mixed to lightly glistening. It should flow well. If not add a bit more dendritic salt and mix well. Combine the grated CP soap with this mixture. 


Combine the dendritic salt mixture with the sea salt. If your bath salts begin to loose fragrance, simply add more of the dendritic salt mixture to freshen your salts. Add a bit of FD&C colorants dissolved in glycerine to color your bath salts if desired


Package in tin tie bags or pretty jars for sale.



Protect your skin with natural Castor Jelly. Create the ultimate long lasting bath salts using Dendritic salt. .    


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