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It's that time of year when we collect flowers, roots and shrubs for natural dyeing. We certainly have a bumper crop of Black Eyed Susans this year, which dye a beautiful green.

To learn more about natural dyeing, think about coming to our Dyeing in the Fleece and Bare Ranch Tour.

Dyeing in the Fleece / Bare RanchTour

3 Day Natural Dye Workshop

September 7th -9th

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Instructors: Bonnie Chase, Lani Estill, and Anna Odendaal

Location: Cedarville, CA and points beyond!

Cost: $200 plus materials fee $10.

Join us for three days in the beautiful Surprise Valley of Northeast California. Warner Mountain Weavers and the Bare Ranch welcome you to take part in a fun class that will teach you how to wash your fleeces, card your fleeces and naturally dye fleece. We will also tour the Bare Ranch and Kay Antunez de Mayolo dye garden and forage for our dye plants.

The schedule (subject to refinement) is to gather on Thursday and wash fleeces. We will have a few breeds of sheep fleece here and you are welcome to bring your own. We will also learn and practice carding on fleece that has been prewashed. Friday we will go to the Bare Ranch in Eagleville for a ranch tour and lunch prepared by Anna Odendaal and the ranch with local ingredients like homemade sourdough bread and lamb. After lunch we will forage for range dye plants and visit Kay’s Garden for additional foraging. Saturday will be back at Warner Mountain Weavers to prepare dye baths and dye our fleeces. 

These techniques are rooted in simplicity and provide a solid foundation for preparing fleece for future projects. Please join us!!

Lani Estill

Lani's Lana ~ Fine Rambouillet Wool



Today's Farmers -- Tomorrow's Heroes

Crochet Classes

August 12 & 19th 2 sessions



Instructor: Barbara Spears

Crochet Classes will continue through the summer by popular demand.

Barbara Spears will teach both single and double crochet, how to read patterns and help with projects.This ongoing class is for crocheters with all levels of expertise from novice beginners to advanced technique

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Drop By

With Adrienne Johnson

Saturday, August 19th 1-3pm

If you want to LEARN TO KNIT, are stuck on a project or if you just want to come and knit or crochet.

Learn what you can make with these mini skeins hand dyed by our own Donnacolor. They are perfect for A light summer "on the go" project.

I will bring my knitting, crochet, and weaving skills, and I can't wait to learn what YOU bring to the knitting table. See you soon! Adrienne

The Crochet Class is in the morning 10am-12noon with Barbara Spears.

There is still room in the class if anyone is interested.

Bring your brown bag lunch and join us!

Baby Boom!

A new run of baby blankets is just off the loom. People just keep having babies and what better to welcome them into the world with than a heirloom blanket. There are many colors to choose from.

Machine wash and dry cotton.

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October 19th - 21st

Beginning Spinning

Thursday October 19th


Instructor: Melissa Harris

Class $85 materials fee $10

Limit: 8 students

(4 spaces left)

Learn to spin, using one of our spinning wheels and local wool. You will learn how to spin, as well as basic wheel mechanics and an introduction to turning fiber into your own handspun yarn. 

If you are bringing your own spinning wheel let us know.

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Intro to Plying

Friday October 20th 10am-12noon

$60 plus $10 material fee

Instructor: Melissa Harris

Limit 10 students

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This is a continuing level class which will focus on plying singles to create a thicker, balanced yarn. 

Plying gives spinners more options for using their yarns. We will also be trying different numbers and types of plies, including novelty combinations.

Prerequisites: Beginning Spinning or equivalent. You need to be able to spin a single. You do not need to have any plying experience.

Let us know if you need to borrow a spinning wheel. If you are bringing your own wheel, please be sure to practice on it and make sure that it is in working order. 

Please bring: bobbins of singles, and at least one empty bobbin to ply onto. Other tools that are nice to have: niddy-noddy, lazy kate, hand cards, notebook, pencil, scissors, oil.

Spinning Clouds

Friday October 20th 1-4pm

$60 plus materials fee $15

Limit 10 students

Instructor: Melissa Harris

Malabrigo is a knitting yarn company that is known for its wonderful dyeing techniques. They have a spinning fiber, called “Cloud” that is also beautifully dyed and very fun to spin. 

Students will learn how to manipulate these braids to get differing results and celebrate color in spinning! 

Prerequisite: Beginning Spinning or equivalent. Worsted spinning experience a plus.

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Hooked Tote Bag Workshop

October 21, 2023 10am-4pm

Limit 8 students

Instructor: Bev Hills

Workshop: $85 plus materials fee $35

Beginners welcome!

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Materials provided by the instructor: A tote bag made of linen foundation, natural dyed Navajo-Churro yarns in a prism of colors, and a sewing needle with flax thread.

Supplies provided by the student: Scissors, snacks, and reading glasses, if needed. Bev will have embroidery hoops and rug hooks available for you to borrow if you don’t have your own.

You will create a stylish bag, one loop at a time, using Bev’s innovative rug hooking technique she calls “Catch and Release”: SINK the rug hook through the linen foundation, SNAG the yarn, REEL-IN the yarn, RELEASE the yarn; repeat.

Hooking with local hand-dyed yarns from Warner Mountain Weavers, you will just go around with colorful lines, creating unique and brilliant landscapes. A hand-drawn sunset pattern is on one side of the tote bag, and an optional design - a tree of life - is penciled in on the reverse.

The tote bag is open sided for ease in hooking. When you are finished hooking, simply stitch the sides closed with the needle and thread.

Bev will be contacting students after registration. Rug hooking supplies will be available for sale.

Happy Hooking! 

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The Art and Science of Natural Dyes

by Joy Boutrup and Catharine Ellis. Packaged in a high-quality quick-reference box, 84 cards include 36 formulas plus 133 full-color swatch images for exact color comparison. The cards are conveniently organized for ease in the studio.

The set includes: The Dyes, Indigo, and Indigo Overdyes, and a complete set of essential formulas for the natural dyer, right at their fingertips. The dyes include two-color mixes and overdyes using madder, cochineal, weld, cutch, pomegranate, rhubarb, and indigo.