We Heart Teak!

We have been in the business long enough to see trends come and go. Teak root tables have been a design staple for years. They've transitioned from the gold varnished teak of the 60s/70s to the reddish varnish the 90s/00s to finally what we think is yet another fantastic expression of teak – natural pigment finished in a light clear lacquer coat. 

Teak's natural oils render the timber termite and pest resistant, as well as most environmental conditions. In this capacity, teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish – the debate concerning old-growth teak vs. the conventional method of plantation grown teak continues. Proponents for old-growth claim timber cut from old teak trees are more durable and harder than the plantation grown teak. However, studies have demonstrated that plantation teak performs on par with old-growth teak in erosion rate, dimensional stability, warping, and surface checking, but is more susceptible to color change from UV exposure.

Our teak root coffee tables are from roots dug up in old-growth forests managed by the Indonesian government. They range from 4'-6' and are sanded and finished in a clear coat to bring out the natural depth and contrast of the teak work grain. These pieces excel in large environments, specifically when teamed with oversized or blue-tinted glass tops. The look is amazing! No two are alike so that you will own a one of a kind piece of furniture. We can also source custom glass tops that suit your environment as well. 

If you have any questions about sizes or thicknesses, please contact us.

Love and Happiness,