ACC media release: November 19, 2020
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Natural gas, electricity costs concern for business
EDMONTON — The Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) has released initial data from the third and final survey of a three-part series—this one focusing on local business opportunities.
The preliminary data reveal that 41 per cent of business operators are somewhat or very concerned about the costs of natural gas utility services to their business. In addition, 54 per cent are somewhat or very concerned about the cost that electricity will add.
Survey respondents were somewhat or very concerned about the cost of natural gas and electricity utility services to their business.
"When we talk about Alberta's business competitiveness, there are a number of influencing factors beyond simply tax rates," says ACC President and CEO Ken Kobly. "These latest survey results show that electricity and natural gas costs are a key concern for job creators, and therefore a key opportunity for improving competitiveness."

Given ongoing municipal budget pressures, 83 percent of business operators would like to see their municipality decrease expenditures to balance its budget. In contrast, only 17 per cent of business owners would prefer to see property taxes increased.
The majority of business owners prefer to see a reduction of expenditures to balance the budget of their municipality.
The third survey in this series has garnered 243 responses to date from business operators. The final report from the three-part municipal red tape series will be available in December. Currently, the ACC is surveying on the impact of potential COVID-19 lockdowns. Business operators can sign up to Alberta Perspectives to participate.

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