Volume 5 | October 29, 2018
Kidney Cancer News Weekly
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Make Your Voice Heard in D.C.
Make your Voices Heard on Capitol Hill. Volunteers needed for our Advocacy day in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 4-5, 2018. If you are interested in attending, please register here.

Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Afternoon Arrival & Evening Briefing

Wednesday, Dec. 5 - Hill Briefing & Breakfast, Capitol Hill (House & Senate Visits)

Nature's 'kill code' may destroy cancer
Two recent studies detail a natural mechanism that, if harnessed properly, may be able to destroy cancer cells and their ability to become resistant to treatment — without any of the side effects of chemotherapy.

Dr. Grigg on the Future Treatment Landscape of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Keytruda-Inlyta Combo Extends Survival in Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Patients, Phase 3 Trial Shows
A combination of Keytruda (pembrolizumab) and Inlyta (axitinib) significantly extended the lives of patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and delayed disease progression or death, according to a Phase 3 clinical trial.

High Distress in Patients With Renal Cell Carcinoma, Call for Better Psychosocial Screening
A high prevalence of patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC) reported distress in a cross-sectional study published in BJU International.1 The high prevalence was greater than what has been seen in other cancer types and highlights the need for better psychosocial screening of patients with RCC.

ESMO 2018 Conference Highlights:BMS' Opdivo Shines in Renal Cell Carcinoma Results
Data from the Phase III CheckMate -214 study was presented by Bristol-Myers Squibb at the European Society of Medical Oncology meeting over the weekend. The study results showed that the combination of two of BMS drugs was associated with significantly longer treatment-free survival (TFS) following discontinuation of the combination compared to discontinuation of sunitinib, the standard of care, in intermediate- and poor-risk RCC patients, the company said.

Half of all kidney cancer patients initially misdiagnosed
Half of all patients with kidney cancer are initially misdiagnosed, data from Kidney Cancer UK’s patient survey has revealed.

In 45% of patients surveyed the disease was first mistaken for less serious conditions such as a urine infection, kidney stones or respiratory problems, the charity said.

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