The Naught E Corner - Mogul
At some point tech warriors need to enjoy some down-time, and there is no more luxurious spot to do it than the Naught E Corner.
With its rooftop pool and Jacuzzi, and several floors for dancing, Naught E is Titan City’s most opulent disco!
Sitting at the edge of Byrne Park in New Bradford, right across from the Metro Station, it's one of New Bradford's most stunning buildings.
The view from the pool is amazing as it sits across from the Daidoji building, with its vertical forest and urban water fall.
Naught E sits at the center of New Bradford right across from the Metro station.
There are very nice views of Naught E and the Downtown skyline from the sky bridge just across the street.
The Naught E Corner is a great place to mingle and meet up with caped friends before or after a good day of battles!
Evolution of The Naught E Corner Mogul

The Naught E Corner mogul is one of Titan City's earliest art endeavors, with concept art drawn up by Joerdan Leigh for the mogul in the early years of the project. Below are some of these early drawings for Naught E that were used for the final model that's in the game: