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January 12, 2024

Nautical Notes: DPBA's Voyage into 2024

Ahoy, Dana Point Boater,

As we set sail into a promising new year, your Dana Point Boaters Association (DPBA) is thrilled to share some highlights of our recent nautical adventures and upcoming plans. Before we delve into the maritime wonders that lie ahead, we're excited to tell you that in honoring a DPBA tradition, we proudly award our coveted Spirit Award to Clare Kenney because we feel she best displayed the spirit of congeniality of Dana Point boaters in the 2023 Holiday Boat Parade.  Congratulations to the skipper and crew of Clarebuoyant!


The enthusiasm and creativity showcased by the boat parade participants during this festive event genuinely embody the spirit of camaraderie that makes our community shine. As we bid farewell to 2023, DPBA extends heartfelt wishes for fair winds and smooth seas in the year ahead. May your sails be filled with success, your anchors secure in the harbor of prosperity, and your nautical journeys overflow with joy. Together, let's navigate the tides of 2024, embracing the opportunities and challenges that come our way.


Winterizing Wisdom: Embracing the Mild Seas and Marine Marvels


Winter need not impede your maritime adventures. In the fortunate realm of Southern California's mild climate, despite a few cold days by local standards, our region's lack of freezing temperatures allows you to utilize your boat year-round.


As you prepare your vessel for the winter months, consider incorporating marine life observation into your boating routine. Check your navigation equipment, pack your binoculars, and embark on unforgettable journeys to explore the wonders of our open waters. Your boat is not just a vessel; it's a gateway to a world teeming with marine marvels.


Take advantage of this opportunity to venture out and witness the captivating sights of marine life in the open waters. Dolphins dance in the waves, seabirds majestically paint the skies, and, now and then, catch a glimpse of the Orca – the ocean's regal monarch – as part of the enchanting experiences awaiting you.


DPBA's Nautical Advocacy: Steering the Course for Boaters in Dana Point


2024 will be a busy year for boaters in the Marinas. The ongoing dock replacement will continue all year, as well as the anticipated start of construction of the parking structure on the East Basin.


This year, the Class Action lawsuit pending before the California Court of Appeals is also crucial. The appeal is grinding toward a resolution anticipated later in the year. Attorneys for the Plaintiff boaters are confident their position is strong. If the outcome is as we hope, the case will move back to the Superior Court and either a swift, negotiated favorable result or the setting of a jury trial. We need your ongoing financial support to cover the legal expenses to obtain a favorable resolution. Please consider a generous contribution now for this cause. Thank you for your help.


May your boating adventures in Dana Point be filled with joy, camaraderie, and the continued support of DPBA. Here's to a year of prosperous voyages and maritime memories!


Dana Point Boaters Association thanks you for your help and dedication to improving our home port marina experience. Feel free to fly your I'm All In Flag (special class legal fund donation.)

In the meantime, please continue to submit your comments on slip rate increases and other subjects by Click Here.

Legal Endeavors are Expensive

Lastly, legal endeavors are expensive, and we appreciate all who have donated to our legal fund.

Please consider doing so today. If you haven't donated, consider an ongoing monthly donation by clicking the box "Make this a monthly donation," click here. These legal costs keep mounting as we continue moving forward with the Class Action Lawsuit. Your information will always remain private. Or, donation by mail by clicking on the image to the right.

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